Kim Jung Gi Biography: Biography & Cause Of Death

Kim has spent a lot of time perfecting his memory, and it’s his greatest creative strength. Many artists’ conceptions of what is possible have been stretched to the limits by their ability to replicate extremely challenging scenes almost completely from memory, without the aid of references.


Kim Jung Gi Biography

South Korean artist Kim Jung Gi was born in the city of Goyang-Si in the province of Kyongki-Do in 1975. At age 19, this would-be painter and designer enrolled in a school dedicated to the arts. He served for two years in the South Korean Army’s Special Forces Unit before enrolling at Dong-Eui University in Busan for three years. Here he was able to memorize a wide array of military hardware, including weapons and vehicles.

Kim Jung Gi Career

In 2011, Kim Jung Gi attended the Bucheon Comic Festival and, for the first time, garnered a live audience. While most artists would frame a drawing or painting to display it, KJG went in a completely different direction. After taping paper to the walls on three sides of the room surrounding his table, he began to draw.

Superani’s CEO Hyun Jin Kim documented the entire operation and posted the footage on YouTube, where it, like many other videos, quickly attracted a significant audience. This led to invites to several events all over the globe. His debut show, simply named “Drawing Exhibition,” is currently on display in Japan. He has recently accepted invitations to perform in France, the United States, and across Asia.

The drawings of Kim fill around 4,500 pages in six sketchbooks that span a period of twelve years.

The legendary Japanese artist Katsuya Terada, with whom he collaborated on a project in 2017, was also a collaborator.

He has previously held positions in the entertainment business, music business, and even the public sector. Kim hosted a showcase exhibition at Cheongwadae, the presidential office and house of the Republic of Korea. Drunken Tiger, a popular Korean hip-hop singer, specifically sought him out to create the album cover art.

His record for “Longest drawing by one individual” is currently included in the Guinness World Records book.

Cause Of Death

Kim Jung Gi’s debut piece, titled Funny, was published in the magazine Young Jump. After publishing several short stories and participating in art shows, he was asked to instruct classes on manhwa (the Korean term for comic books) at a number of prestigious private schools and universities.

All six volumes of Kim’s comic book, “Tiger the Long Tail,” were illustrated by Seung-Jin Park, who also wrote the comic. Additionally, Kim worked with French writer Bernard Werber to illustrate two of Werber’s books, “Paradise” in 2010 and “Third Humanity” in 2013.

Kim Jung Gi was there when the Bucheon Comic Festival was held in 2011. This was his first time doing live art, and he debuted at the festival. In contrast to the standard practise of displaying a framed drawing or painting, KJG decided to present its work unconventionally. 

He began sketching after nailing sheets of paper to the walls on three sides of his table. Superani CEO Hyun Jin Kim filmed the whole thing and posted it to YouTube, where it quickly went viral. This led to invitations to several events all over the globe. His debut show, simply titled “Drawing Exhibition,” is currently on display in Japan. He has recently accepted invitations to perform in France, the United States of America, around Asia, and in Japan.

Kim’s 12-year drawing career is documented in six published sketchbooks, with the combined pages totaling close to 4.5 million.

In 2017, he also worked with renowned Japanese artist Katsuya Terada on a joint project.

Kim Jung Gi Biography

The two exhibited their artistic abilities by creating a fantastic sketchbook full of different drawings.

He’s worked in the movie business, government, and the music business before. Cheongwadae, the official residence, and office of the President of the Republic of Korea are located in the heart of Seoul. Kim curated a display of her best work for display. Drunken Tiger, a Korean hip-hop artist, hired him to create the album cover.

He holds the record for the “Longest drawing by one individual” in the Guinness Book of World Records. For more updates, you can visit TheActiveNews.Com.

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