Knoxville Divorce Attorney: Learn The Divorce Process & Laws of Tennessee

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Learn The Divorce Process & Laws of Tennessee

Getting a divorce involves a lot of moving parts and might take a long time. Divorce is already a challenging situation, and the emotional factors that often come into play only compound the problem. Make no mistake, though; the results of your divorce proceedings might have far-reaching effects on your career and financial future.
Making these choices while under the emotional stress of divorce increases the likelihood of making poor choices. Having a qualified divorce attorney in Knoxville by your side can alleviate a lot of stress during this trying time.

Resolving Issues During a Complex Divorce

The difficulty of a divorce may rise or fall based on the specific circumstances of the spouses involved.

Divorce proceedings may be less complicated for shorter-term marriages because fewer assets have been acquired. However, divorces tend to become more complicated as marriages continue.

The parties’ assets grow more intertwined with one another throughout a lengthier period.

Issues of child custody and maintenance may also arise if there are small children present. In the end, the parties will need to settle all of these differences, either through negotiation or a lawsuit.

Alimony Following Divorce

According to the “nature of the case and the circumstances of the parties,” the court in Tennessee can mandate alimony payments under Section 36-5-121 of the state’s code.

Monthly, semimonthly, or weekly payments may be mandated by the court for a specified sum. The court has the authority to mandate interim support in the form of a lump sum or periodic payments.

Customary alimony stops when either party dies or remarries.

If you have questions about your financial responsibilities before, during, or after a divorce in Knoxville, you should consult with an attorney who specializes in family law. You can go to TheActiveNews.Com for similar articles.

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