Kokichi Oma Death: History & Personality

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony features a secondary antagonist-turned-anti-hero named Kokichi Ouma (Kokichi Oma in the English version). As such, he is recognised as the Supreme Leader of All.

Hiro Shimono provides his voice in the Japanese release, while Derek Stephen Prince does so in the English release.



After Kokichi completed the 53rd Killing Game, the members of Team Danganronpa fabricated his memories and his entire backstory.

Kokichi’s past is shrouded in mystery because he constantly lies and refuses to discuss any aspect of his life. The only certain fact about his life is that he has always had a passion for video games. The counterargument is that he has hinted he has no parents or family and has said that nobody would miss him if he died.

He’s the head of a tight-knit crew of youthful pranksters known as D.I.C.E., and they’re his world and his family. They seem to have no family or parents to hold them back, as they have gone all over the world and committed “laughable crimes” for pleasure.

Some have speculated that Kokichi’s history makes him a competent thief, and it has been noted that many of his abilities are reminiscent of those of a common criminal. His company name may also be a nod to the animated series D.I.C.E. (DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises), which follows a business led by a group of young people who are all orphans.

Kokichi tells a fib about being the villainous supreme head of a massive hidden society during the murdering game. Obviously, there is no proof of this, and Ultimate Detective Shuichi Saihara is unaware of any group that would meet Kokichi’s description. Kokichi tells Shuichi during a free-time event that he became the supreme leader by murdering his parents.

Then he says it was his older brother he killed all along and he was just lying. He says he lied once more, and this time the real reason is top secret. Since he often tells half-truths, this may tell us something about his background.

In the game’s extra mode, Ultimate Talent Development Plan, there’s a scenario where Kokichi and Kaito don’t celebrate New Year’s with their families because they live in an atypical family setup with Kaito living with his grandparents.

Kaito wonders aloud if Kokichi’s parents aren’t a little bit ashamed of their son’s behaviour for his age and why he isn’t at home with them. He asks Kokichi a few personal questions, and Kokichi just reminds him that he shouldn’t do that in front of the Supreme Leader.

To what extent, if any, of Kokichi’s life prior to the 53rd Killing Game was real and to what extent Team Danganronpa created it remains unknown.

Though it is subsequently revealed that he was only trying to deceive everyone in an effort to put a stop to the Killing Game, he initially presents himself as the game’s genius.


Shuichi Saihara calls Kokichi “the human embodiment of a lie” because he is a schemer who compulsively or pathologically generates lies, and because when he adopts his villainous image he says whatever is on his mind without concern for the feelings of others around him.

After revealing Maki’s skill to the group, he repeatedly teases her, calls her a nerd, and generally annoys her with his comments. As a result, Kokichi may easily manipulate the class trials, either by leading the others down false leads or by intimidating the perpetrator.

In the aftermath of the fourth class trial, Kokichi let his guard down out of sorrow for Gonta, who had recently passed away. He later confessed that this was a lie and that he had no emotion for Gonta, but he maintained his villainous persona in order to ensure that the mastermind did not suspect him.

Kokichi’s mischievous and playful personality disappears at this moment, and he begins acting cold, heartless, and virtually mad in order to sever ties with everyone and spy for his purpose. It’s another lie that forms part of his mask to say that he takes pleasure in seeing other people hurt, and he argues that the Killing Game provides the ideal setting for this.

Kokichi’s compasionate side shines through despite the adversarial mask he attempts to put on, however it’s rarely seen by the other pupils. In Chapter 5, during a private talk with Kaito, Kokichi reveals his genuine feelings about the Killing Game, saying that he had to “lie to himself” to get any satisfaction out of it and that he is “pissed off” by people who are relishing the agony of the students. Kokichi sees lying as fundamental to his identity, to the point where he values it as highly as the truth. Furthermore, he maintains that he uses them to amuse those around him.

While Kokichi does have the capacity for empathy, he does all in his power to make his compassion appear perverse. In the end, it was Himiko’s own reluctance to face her feelings of loss over Tenko and Angie’s deaths that caused him to become so angry.

He also expressed real sorrow over Kaede’s death, adding that he thought the world of her and that “[she] wasn’t boring.” On the other hand, he doesn’t give a hoot about most of the pupils and treats their deaths lightly or humorously to keep up appearances.

Kokichi has a personal grudge against murder, therefore naturally he despises the killing game. He despises Maki as well, perhaps because she is an assassin. She almost strangled him several times because he constantly made fun of her and irritated her.

Kokichi frequently exhorts the class to turn against Maki and makes repeated attempts to separate her from the rest of the students by pointing out that she has killed previously and therefore cannot be trusted. To further inflame Maki’s wrath, he insults and harms Kaito, and he even uses this as a focal point in his final attempt to destroy Monokuma.

Kokichi’s desire to put a stop to the murdering game is unconditional. He intends to execute the entire class with mercy by having them all vote for the wrong assassin, and he sacrifices both Gonta and Miu to this end. The class’s trust in him is shattered, and even the usually sympathetic Shuichi tells Kokichi that he will be forever on his own because of what he has done.

The remaining pupils are told by the supreme commander at a later time that the outer world was destroyed and that they are the last of humanity. Immediately after, he announces that he is the game’s mastermind and takes over the exisals in an attempt to capture Kaito and demoralise the other players.

Kokichi Oma Death

Unfortunately, the true mastermind shines a flashback light on everyone save Kokichi and Kaito, revealing their past as “beacons of hope” while Kokichi was an evil “Remnant of Despair.” Because of this, Maki made a suicide attempt on Kokichi, who he finally decided to sacrifice.

He looks to be quite suspicious and paranoid of those around him, as seen by his refusal to provide any personal details. While visiting his room after his death, Shuichi and Maki found evidence from past cases, as well as a list of murderers and victims, that Kokichi had been hoarding.

Notably, he penned the question “trustworthy?” next to a picture of Saihara, underscoring his scepticism of the character. Since no one could possibly believe him after all the lies, he resorted to dishonest and even harsh methods to gain their cooperation. His idea to have the class watch the Motive videos together to prevent a murder was shot down because everyone thought he was trying to incite a killing,

when in fact it would have reduced the likelihood of a murder occurring by putting distance between those with too much and too little to live for. He then tricked Gonta into capturing everyone, which gave Kokichi the opportunity to steal the films and watch them without being interrupted, albeit he was unable to convince anybody else to do so, which ultimately led to a murder. For more updates you can visit TheActiveNews.Com.

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