Kris Jenner Net Worth: Early Life, Career & The Music Industry

Originally from San Diego, California, Kristen Mary Jenner is a multi-talented American who has worked in television, film, and the music industry. ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ catapulted her to stardom, and she became a household name as a result.


Kris Jenner Early Life

On November 5, 1955, in San Diego, California, Kristen Mary Jenner entered this world. Mary Jo Shannon and Robert True Houghton are the proud parents of their daughter, Jenner. She traces her ancestry back to the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Germany, and Scotland.

Jenner and her sister Karen were raised by their mother after their parents divorced when Jenner was seven years old. Their mother eventually married businessman Harry Shannon.

Kris Jenner Career

Eventually, Jenner crossed paths with Ryan Seacrest, who expressed interest in developing a reality show centered on her clan. In 2007, E! Cable launched a series about the Kardashian family called “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Now one of the longest-running reality shows in the United States.

She is the CEO of Jenner Communications, a production firm situated in the City of Angels. In addition, she and her daughter Kourtney launched a children’s clothing business in 2004. Smooch, the clothing boutique, operated for almost six years before closing in 2009.

Ever since her daughter Kim Kardashian’s career took off thanks to the reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ Jenner has been in charge of it. She is also actively engaged in the business management of her other children’s professional endeavors.

The cookbook, titled “In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites,” was published later in 2014.

Kris Jenner Worth

Kris Jenner’s net worth is estimated to be $170 Million.

Favorite Quotes from Kris Jenner

“I raised my kids kind of old-fashioned – if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say it at all.” – Kris Jenner 

“Oh, my goodness, I am obsessed with Costco! We do run at least twice a week. I love the salmon and rotisserie chicken, the dog beds.” – Kris Jenner 

“When the opportunity came along to do the reality show, it was just a very exciting time. We never thought about how it would pan out for the entire family but just knew that it was going to be a great journey.” – Kris Jenner 

“I say this all the time, but when I go to bed at the end of the day, and I put my head down on the pillow, I feel such a sense of satisfaction, and I’m so proud of my kids that they have this amazing work ethic, and we get to work with each other every day, so it doesn’t get any better than that.” – Kris Jenner 

Kris Jenner Net Worth


“There are a lot of big personalities in our family, and because of the way that we interact with each other – and the fact that the girls are beautiful, the little ones are adorable, and my husband is an Olympic champion – there was this perfect storm, where I think you kind of wanted to watch and go, ‘Wow, what’s happening with this family?” – Kris Jenner 

“One of the first things I said to my kids and we all agreed upon when we first started shooting the show if we’re going to do this, we’re all in. We’re not going to worry about editing ourselves. So that’s what you see. It’s raw, and it’s real, and it’s footage that hopefully people learn from some of our experiences.” – Kris Jenner 

Kris Jenner is a well-known figure in the American media and business world. Her role on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has made her a household name. Her appearances on “America’s Next Top Model” and “The Talk” have contributed to her fame. TheActiveNews.Com is where you should go to get the latest information.

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