Lake Placid Ironman 2022: Huge and Emotional Victory

After winning the 70.3 Eagleman event last month, Sarah True and Cody Beals won the IRONMAN Lake Placid race.

After giving birth to her son, True made a triumphant return to the IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman field, while Beals’ victory was all the more impressive given the challenges she faced in the months leading up to the race.

As it turned out, Beals’ victory also came after a dramatic collapse by Justin Metzler (USA), who had been leading and appeared to be on track to secure a spot in one of the four available Kona slots (two MPRO, two FPRO).

Instead, these choices go to the top two finishers, along with men’s runner-up Michael Weiss (AUT) and women’s runner-up Jodie Robertson (BEL) (as second-placed Heather Jackson had already qualified).


Women in The Professions – Autopilot For The Real Deal

Rachel Zilinskas (USA), the sole survivor in the water, was the sole person in charge of steering True.

True was her closest competitor, but he finished in a distant fourth place with a time of 50:57.

True, on the other hand, was able to build a lead of nearly two minutes by the halfway point of the race.

After that, she was completely in charge. True had a six-minute lead over the field by T2 and veteran Half – brother Griesbauer (USA) was in second place.

With a time of 4:52 on the bike, Jackson (USA), a two-time winner of this event, was the fastest, as well as a Kona qualifier, because he won IRONMAN Florida in 2013.

When she emerged from a transition in second place, Jackson, who had set a high bar for herself in the swim, was never really a threat to True’s lead.

With a lead of 16:01, True cruised to victory, followed by Jackson and Robertson to complete an American 1-2-3.

“I took a three-year break from IRONMAN racing, came back slowly, and didn’t put a date on it, but I just wanted to race for the love of the sport – I didn’t care about the result, but it’s nice to win!” said True after the race to Mike Reilly.

In a way, this is as close as I can get to a hometown race, and that’s very special to me.”

Beals Has Nailed it in The Pro Men Division

It wasn’t until he went downhill that Metzler fell out of contention. He was in the lead group of four after the swim and was just ahead of Pamphiel Parkyn (BEL), with Beals and James Capparell (USA) right behind him.

The front three remained unchanged throughout the scenic bike course, with less than five seconds separating Metzler, Parkyn, and Beals at the halfway point.

By T2, however, Metzler was asserting himself and Weiss was also moving into the picture after giving up a minute in the swim.

As of the start of the marathon, Metzler had a 1:33 lead over Weiss, with Pareyn 3:14 seconds back and Beals 6:45 seconds back.

Metzler, on the other hand, was the only one who seemed to be moving more easily than Weiss at the start of the race.

On the two-lap course, the athletes could see the gaps at various points, and Metzler gradually increased his lead to 4:30 over Beals.

But Metzler’s slowing to a walk, possibly due to cramping or overheating, set off alarm bells with about 10 miles to go.

As soon as Beals regained his composure and Weiss got back on track, his commanding lead was quickly whittled down.

Beals and Weiss quickly overtook one another, and the pair took the top two spots, securing spots for Kona in the process.

Fourth-place finisher Metzler fought valiantly to hold off Pareyn, who rounded out the podium.

He continued: “My grandfather passed away exactly one week ago. He was the most ardent admirer of my work. I had been thinking about him all day and wanted to pay tribute to him with that performance.”

Lake Placid Ironman 2022

On July 24, 2022, the IRONMAN Lake Placid 2022 results will be released.

Men of Honor

Beals, Cody (CAN) 8:15:11
Michael Weiss is the author of this article (AUT) 8:17:04
Pareyn, Pamphiel (BEL) 8:23:26
Justin Metzler is a professional tennis player (USA) 8:27:28
Russell (USA) finished at 8:28:54.

Sarah True (United States of America) 9:22:23
9:16:23 Heather Jackson (United States)
the 9:22.02 mark was achieved by American Jodie Robertson.
Rachel Zilinskas (USA) finished in 9:32:33
Canadian Melanie McQuaid (CAN) finished at the time of 9:34:32

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