Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen: Have They Both Got Married?

That much is obvious. Anyone’s dating decisions, especially those of public personalities, are completely out of our scope of influence.

Netizens and social media users may be enraged by Sushmita Sen’s choice of a life partner, but it won’t truly impact the outcome.

What’s the point? Ultimately, we are just onlookers who are judging Sushmita’s dating life based on the guys she chooses to date and the time and effort she puts into them.

I’ve always admired Sushmita for many reasons, but the news that she’s dating Lalit Modi, a fugitive accused of several scams, not only shocked me but also left a bitter taste in my mouth. I did not criticize her for dating a fugitive.

After hearing the news, many of Sushmita Sen’s longtime admirers and supporters were surprised. They had followed her since she was Miss Universe and looked up to her after her bluntly frank views on women’s issues such as marriage and the family.

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For others, it was hard to imagine that someone as intelligent and politically savvy as Sushmita would date a man who was not only morally and ethically questionable, but also a danger to the legal system.

Social media users, of course, took to the internet to poke fun at the statement that shook the nation. ‘@Sushmita react to my SMS’ from Modi’s 2013 tweet went viral.

Instagram users were outraged when he used the satirical Instagram bio of “partners-in-crime”. ‘Sensational news of the day,’ ‘Sushmita left me on Sen,’ and other such puns abounded.

Of course, many said that Sen chose Modi since of his wealth, an allegation that is both sexist and inaccurate, given that Sen herself is pretty well-off. Sen boldly stated that she doesn’t need a guy to buy her diamonds in one of her many unusual views on marriage and relationships.

“I have never accepted diamonds from anyone. I’ve been wearing a find-it-desirable diamond ring since I was a kid. People watch me go grocery shopping and ask, “What is she wearing?”.

But I’m proud of myself for being able to achieve it. It’s a source of hope and power for me, and I wear it every day. I feel that all women, especially financially, should have the ability to make their own decisions “she remarked.

A lady as strong and self-reliant as Sen is known to everyone who knows her, and she would never accept any kind of financial or material support from anyone.

Sen also didn’t require a relationship as much as some might have thought. Several times in the past, she’d talked extensively about how she didn’t marry so because men in my life had been disappointing.

Simply put, Sen does not choose a partner merely because she is lonely or in need of a companion. If one were to study some of Sen’s intriguing views on partnerships, it would be clear that she analyses and self-reflects before deciding to invest in a guy and knows what is best for her.

According to Simi Garewal, a television host, Sen agreed that she had the option of being married 2 to 3 times if she so desired, but she opted not to.

In light of the foregoing, it’s safe to assume that Sen would only enter into a relationship with a man if she was 100% certain she wanted to be with him.

This raises the question of why she would choose to date Modi in the first place because he is under investigation by several federal agencies. Sen’s psychological state and her relationship may suffer as a result of this.

The fact that Sen has chosen to date a man with questionable morals is a big problem for young ladies that look up to her. As long as she keeps her followers in line, Sen isn’t doing a good job of raising the next generation of young women.

Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen

Sen’s decision to date Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a tough pill to chew for me and several of her admirers. It was heartbreaking to realize that she made the decision she did despite being well and aware.

We must, nevertheless, respect her decision. Sen and Modi have not yet tied the knot, so it will be interesting to watch how their romance develops in the coming months.

Nevertheless, it is not an exaggeration to suggest that the relationship between Sen and Modi will always be a blemish on Sen’s reputation for honesty.

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