Lance Kerwin Cause of Death: How Old Is Lance Kerwin Now?

Lance Kerwin performed in the October 2022 edition of Spooky Empire in Orlando, Florida. There, he was a guest on The Riley and Kimmy Show, where he discussed his experience on the set of Salem’s Lot back in 1979. This miniseries, directed by Tobe Hooper of Texas Chain Saw Massacre fame, was an early adaptation of a Stephen King novel.


Lance Kerwin Cause of Death

The news of his death at age 62 came as a shock to the entertainment industry. What we know about what ultimately killed him is as follows. In a Facebook post dated January 25th, Lance’s daughter Savanah broke the news of her father’s death.

She added, “I am very sorry to those we have not been able to reach out to personally to notify, but Lance Kerwin died away yesterday morning. “We are grateful for the outpouring of sympathy, sentiment, and prayers. He cared deeply about all of you.”  Although Lance had been ill for some time, the exact nature of his death is unknown. If You are Interested in This Type of Article You Can See This Naomi Judds Death.

Lance Kerwin Had a Prolific Acting Career

Although he is most known to horror aficionados for his performance in Salem’s Lot, Lance has played several significant roles, including the title character in the NBC drama James at 15. (later changed to James at 16).

While the show only lasted for one season, it was well received for its compassionate treatment of the topic of coming of age. “not flawless, not groundbreaking, not often deliriously urgent [but] still the most respectable new entertainment series of the season,” as Tom Shales of The Washington Post put it.

Lance Kerwin Cause of Death

Even after leaving Hollywood for a higher calling in the 1990s, after he had established himself as a permanent fixture in the 1970s entertainment scene, Lance remained a constant presence. After “retiring from acting to become a youth minister,” he relocated to Hawaii and joined the U-Turn for Christ organization, as reported by Deadline.

His secular work was nearly wiped out by the COVID-19 pandemic, so he returned to California, where he died. In addition to Savanah, Lance leaves behind Fox, Terah, Kailani, and Justus. Read More About This Brandon Smiley Death Cause.

Lance Kerwin Fraud Conviction

During their time as Hawaii residents, Kerwin and his second wife Yvonne pled guilty in July 2010 to forging documents to qualify for state medical aid and food stamps. Kerwin’s defense attorney, Craig De Costa, claimed that his client failed to disclose his ownership of three mainland properties in his initial application for assistance. You Can See This El Cholo Death.

Kerwin was awarded credit for time served (90 days) and given five years of probation with 300 hours of community service. Kerwin issued an open expression of regret. You can go to for the latest news and updates.