Lg G3 Won’t Boot Past Lg Screen: Reset, Restart (Updated 2022)

LG mobile phones are no exception to the rule when it comes to problems and glitches. The phone won’t move past the LG screen, according to numerous users recently. Even if this problem occurs once a week or every day, it’s still a nuisance. Because we are so reliant on our smartphones, this problem can cause unnecessary delays in our daily routines and leave us unhappy.

Part 1: Reasons of Phone Won’t Go Past LG Screen

Without a thorough understanding of the root causes of the problem, it is impossible to develop a remedy. Why LG phones won’t pass LG screens include the following:

The system software has a minor problem.
Charging insufficient
There was a problem with background applications.
Problems with system files and ROMs

Part 2: 4 Simple Ways to Fix LG G4 Won’t Go Past LG Screen

Once you’ve figured out what’s causing the problem, you should be able to fix your LG phone on your own. To resolve the LG G4 that won’t move past the LG screen issue, try each of the techniques listed below one at a time.

2.1 Factory Reset Your LG Phone

Anyone who has had an issue with their LG G4’s screen turning on or off knows that a system error can cause this. Remove system faults from LG phones by resetting the operating system. This procedure, however, will erase everything on your phone.

When the LG logo is displayed on the screen, hold down the power and volume down buttons at the same time.
Then release the power button and press and hold the volume down button until you hear a beep, then release. To exit the factory data reset screen, let go of both buttons.
To do this, hold down the volume down key while selecting the Yes and pressing the power key. You’ve now successfully performed a factory reset on your phone.

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2.2 Clear LG Phone Cache

Cached data is a common cause of the LG g4 won’t switch on past LG screen problems on all smartphones. When this happens, clearing the cache can help. So:

You’ll get a screen with several options if you hold down the volume down key and the power key together as indicated in the illustration.

Press the Power key to select the ‘wipe cache partition option after it has been highlighted with the volume down key.

Once the cache data has been deleted, click the reboot system now option and your phone will restart normally using the same process you just used.

2.3 Force Restart LG G4 or Later

The quickest and simplest way to fix the LG g4 that won’t switch on past the LG screen is using this method. To restart an LG phone by pressing and holding the power button:

For a few seconds, simultaneously press and hold the volume down and power buttons. When you enter a new window that displays several power options, release your grip on the mouse.

To force a restart of your device, select the first option ‘Reboot system now, and press the power button.

2.4 Boot Your LG Phone into Safe Mode

Booting your phone into safe mode is another good way to find out why it won’t proceed past the LG screen. Because it would assist you to identify the root cause of this problem. To enter safe mode on your LG phone, you must first put it into recovery mode by doing the procedures listed below:

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android can be downloaded and installed.
Once you’ve enabled USB debugging on your phone, the app will recognize it and provide step-by-step instructions on the screen. They’re the ones to follow.

Once you’ve tapped on entering Recovery Mode, your phone will boot into this model in a matter of seconds.

You’ll now get a pop-up screen when you restart your cellphone. After making your selection, click OK to proceed. Safe mode will be activated on your LG phone.

You can use Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android if you have a Samsung phone and are experiencing a similar problem where Samsung won’t proceed past the Samsung Screen. It’s the best Android system repair software out there, however, keep in mind that it only works on Samsung devices. If these and more than 100 other problems are plaguing your Samsung phone, this app can fix them all in a matter of minutes.

Connect your Samsung phone to the computer running ReiBoot for Android. Once the device has been identified, go to the main menu and select Repair Android System.

The process of fixing your Samsung phone will begin as soon as you click Fix Now on the new screen.

Now, select your Samsung phone model from the drop-down menus.

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Next, the latest firmware package for your Samsung device will be downloaded by ReiBoot. During the downloading procedure, do not remove your mobile device from your computer.

Lg G3 Won't Boot Past Lg Screen

When the firmware has been downloaded, select Repair Now to proceed.

Then, you must follow the on-screen instructions for your cellphone type to enter the download mode. whether or not the home button is present.

Repairs to your mobile device can now begin. When you’re done, click Done to restart and use your Samsung phone normally.


It is my goal that this post has helped you understand and fix LG phones that won’t go past screen issues. You may quickly fix this problem in just a few minutes by following the four solutions listed above.

The Tenorshare Reiboot for Android app can also be used if your Samsung won’t move past the Samsung Screen so that you can cure the problem permanently.

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