Lizzo Boyfriend: Who Is Lizzo In a Relationship With?

Self-love icon Lizzo married herself in the music video for “Truth Hurts,” which became a smash hit in 2017. Now that she’s decided to show her admiration to another person, we have some inquiries. Therefore, we shall discuss her relationship and other related topics here. Don’t Leave Yune With Us.


Who Is The Lizzo Boyfriend?

During an interview with Andy Cohen on April 18, the rapper stated that she is dating the mysterious man she was seen with on Valentine’s Day—Myke Wright.

Even though Lizzo has been mum about their relationship, it is evident that she means business. When Cohen inquired whether maintaining a relationship with him while still focusing on her job presented any difficulties, she said, “In the right hands, of course not. The opposite is true. No consideration is given to it. That’s because it ought to be encouraging in both directions.” If You Want Read More So You Can See This Bonnie Raitt Net Worth.

Who is Myke Wright?

Wright is a comedian and actor. He has participated in the 2019 short film Tell Me What You Know About Cyrus and has had brief roles in the TV shows Breaking & Entering, How to Be a Grown Up, and Doubting Thomas. Read More About This Bonnie Raitt Net Worth.

They Knew Each Other Before Lizzo Became World Famous

Lizzo, whose actual name is Melissa Jefferson, revealed in a July interview with The Breakfast Club that she and Wright have known each other since before Lizzo’s 2019 album Cuz I Love You brought her international acclaim. She also counted Wright among the “real folks” she’s known.

They are the most real people I know,” she gushed. “When they put on the chain, they don’t give a hoot about “Lizzo.” To me, it’s crucial that the people closest to me knew “Melissa” before all that has transpired in her life.”

Her words continued, “My current boyfriend and I have known each other for quite some time. That’s right, we were pals. If they knew you before 2019, that’s a different story.” You Can Check About This Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth.

Lizzo And Myke Are Locked In As a Couple

Lizzo opened up about how things between her and Wright had progressed to a serious level during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show in December 2022. “At this point, we’ve agreed to stop playing games with one another. We’ve got no way out, “she said with Stern

First appearing on her Facebook feed was a series of adorable photos of Wright taken by Lizzo during Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy banquet. Wright is wearing a black tuxedo and waistcoat, while Lizzo is wearing a fringe mini dress by Alexander McQueen in the photos, both of them flashing a smile as they hold each other.

In 2016, when she first met Wright, she felt an instant attraction to him, but she claims she was not yet ready for a serious relationship. She explained that she was “very much not where I wanted to be career-wise,” in addition to having “a lot of shit to do” and being in her “I feel un-loveable” position.

As the author puts it, “Even if a person came around that I was googly crazy over, I had these insane walls up that made it practically difficult for a meaningful, personal relationship to occur.” Sometime later, “when the time was perfect,” the pair got back together. That’s it, she declared, so now it’s official. Nobody else will spend the rest of their lives with me. You Can See About This Tommy Lee Net Worth.

He Took Lizzo Out for Her Birthday

Lizzo Boyfriend

Lizzo and her boyfriend were photographed on April 26 celebrating her upcoming 34th birthday at Craig’s in West Hollywood, the same restaurant they visited on Valentine’s Day.

Lizzo’s date outfit consisted of a black slip dress adorned with purple feathers and jewel-encrusted flowers. She wore a pair of huge sunglasses with the phrase “That Bitch” written across the lenses and a pair of glittery pointed-toe bow-tie heels. Her boyfriend, dressed in all black and wearing identical dark sunglasses, beamed at her side. You can go to if you want to read more recent posts and updates.