Lorde Concert: Video of Lorde Floating in the River Went Viral

A video of pop sensation Lorde swimming in the Potomac River has gone viral.

One concertgoer said the singer, whose true name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, had left them in a “shambles” after she made the admission.

On Monday, during her Solar Power globe tour, Lorde played at The Anthem in Washington, DC.

Amidst the COVID-19 epidemic and other big global events, she sat on the steps that were part of her set and mused for a while.

Lorde said, “It’s a crazy time to be a 20-year-old or a 25-year-old.”

“As I floated facedown in the Potomac, I found myself thinking…

I feel like I get to know you better when I go for a swim at the pool where I play.”

Despite shocked gasps and even some laughing, Lorde proceeded. Some members of the audience in the video appeared skeptical of the singer’s claims that they could swim in the river.

“I was lying in the swimmer thinking, ‘what can I say to these kids tonight?'” she recalled.

She continued by saying that her admirers had “chosen” her and that it was her “purpose in life” to absorb their wisdom.

“You all have more intelligence than anyone I’ve ever met. A group of youthful, inquisitive people can outsmart anyone “Lorde herself stated.

People’s amazement at Lorde’s admission that she had gone to the Potomac River caused her admission to become a trending topic on Twitter.

“Lorde just revealed to the Anthem crowd that she is a swimmer. Here in the Potomac??? If you want to see Washington, DC like a local, what should you do? People are in a state of RUINOUS disarray “tweeted one supporter.

According to a second source, “Lorde just informed a dc crowd she swam and soaked in the Potomac river today and the whole room booed her.”

Finally, a third contributor remarked, “The DC in full astonishment after Lorde just announced that she was sleeping by the Potomac River earlier today.”

Part of the 405-mile long river that separates Maryland and Washington, DC eventually empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

The District of Columbia has had a prohibition on public swimming in the Potomac since 1971 due to the river’s poor water quality, but now advocates are working to lift the restriction.

Following her performance, Lorde paused to greet her fans outside the theatre, when one of them asked if she was okay after getting out of the water.

She said she was taken aback by the audience’s response to her narrative onstage but was glad to be in on the joke herself.

“Oh. At this point, I don’t see any major problems. But now I understand your hilarity. I’m proud to call myself a DC meme “Lorde told her adoring admirers.

To expand public access to “enclosed swimming places,” the U.S. House of Representatives enacted H.R.7776 in June to initiate feasibility studies on public waterways like the Potomac.

It has been a longtime goal of the Potomac Riverkeeper Network to make swimming in the river “safe and accessible to everyone in and around D.C.”

Lorde Concert

During the summer, when water sports are most popular, it conducts water quality testing every week.

The organization’s scientists collect samples from the river at various points, analyze them in a lab, and make the results public so that the public can learn more about the river’s health.

The effort by the network seeks to lift the prohibition on public swimming, put an end to the dumping of raw sewage into the river, and raise knowledge of water pollution and how to stop them. Visit TheActiveNews.Com daily if you want to read more posts.

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