Lovers and Friends Concert: Let’s Know About It

The forthcoming music festival Lovers and Friends Fest is getting a lot of attention on social media right now.

You’ve seen the flier making the rounds on your newsfeed, and it sounds fantastic, right? Girls groups, R&B from the ’90s, and even some rap are all represented.

The gaudy pink and blinged-out aesthetic is reminiscent of the early 2000s, a more innocent era.

The inclusion of both classic acts like TLC and Ginuwine and cutting-edge ones like Megan thee Stallion and Summer Walker is a brilliant strategy for attracting fans of all ages. This is advertising at its finest in the realm of the past.

It seems amazing to take a trip to Los Angeles in May to see so many iconic R&B and hip-hop acts all in one place, but is it too good to be true? It’s possible.

After the debacle that was the Fyre Festival, concertgoers are (and rightly so) wary of similarly large-scale events that appear seemingly out of nowhere and for which false fliers have been circulating online. In contrast to well-known festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, this one is still in its infancy.

Is it possible that this is too wonderful to be true? Is it possible that Usher, Jon, and Luda will reunite?

This month marks the debut of the official Lovers and Friends Fest Twitter account. There are fewer than 2,000 people that follow the account as of this writing.

There are almost no blue checkered ones. Instagram is a little different tale. They have over 35,000 followers, many of them are verified accounts, and a high level of interaction.

It looks like a legitimate claim, but who is making it?

Goldenvoice, Inc. is responsible for organizing the event. Goldenvoice is a California-based concert promotion firm that connects music lovers in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco with live performances from a wide range of musical genres. Looking into their background reveals that they are a branch of AEG, the largest live entertainment corporation in the world. That’s encouraging news.

The festival’s lineup, despite its respectable pedigree, is what raises eyebrows among the general public. Some of the more popular bands seemed to be buried in the list, which I thought strange.

Fundamentals of communication design dictate that you highlight the most crucial details at the head of the document in boldface type, while relegating those of lesser importance to the footer. Not what you’ll find on this flyer.

Lil Kim is placed at the bottom of the page, alongside a group of lesser-known musicians, while Usher, Lil Jon, and Ludacris are crammed together at the top like they’re one popular show. And the invariably late headliner, Ms. Lauryn Hill. We don’t understand it.

The fact that so many of the performers are double-booked on that day is the most suspicious aspect of the flier.

On May 7th, you can also check out the Rolling Loud festival in Miami or the Broccoli Festival in Washington, DC, both of which are considerably larger events.

How are T-Pain and Megan thee Stallion going to travel across the country to perform at two different music festivals, both of which have had them scheduled for quite some time? Teleportation? Do you think Scotty is going to beam them up? For more information stay tuned with TheActiveNews.Com.

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