Marquitta Parker And Elisabeth Pabst: Finally Got Married

The daughter of Houston’s first mayor gets married to her longtime love in a garden of historical significance in the Montrose neighborhood.

Marquitta Parker, daughter of the late Mayor Annise Parker, and Elisabeth Pabst have been friends since their high school days. It seemed as though the Lamar grads all knew each other but rarely spoke to one another. In 2017, though, that changed when Pabst came across a former classmate on Instagram and sneaked into Parker’s direct message section. It was the beginning of a whirlwind relationship and separation around the holidays. They tied the knot in Parker’s historic backyard on January 1.

There was never really any romantic interest between Marquitta Parker and Elisabeth Pabst in high school. It was in the hallways of Lamar High School that their love story began.

They shared similar social circles in 2009, but they never actually communicated with one another.

Pabst then graduated two years after Parker and enrolled at Baylor University in Waco. Parker attended Houston Community College, where she earned an associate’s degree. She hadn’t given Pabst any attention in four years until a familiar name appeared in her Instagram DMs.

Specifically, “I had posted a picture, and she remarked something naughty, asking whether I was in a relationship,” Parker explains. It didn’t work out,” I was quoted as saying. Due to my lack of interest, though, I was completely devoid of moisture. Liz was never one to let the subject die.

They became inseparable after exchanging phone numbers and speaking constantly.

“Those who know me would say I’m persistent,” Pabst says. I sensed something was up. The mysterious Marquitta held a lot of allure for me.

Pabst spent the weeks after Thanksgiving in 2017 messaging and using FaceTime with friends and family back in Chicago. Parker did something out of the ordinary when she came home for the holidays.

For whatever reason, Parker recalls, he decided to introduce Liz to his entire family. She was so beloved that even her detractors gushed, “Everyone adored her, and that says a lot.”

Marquitta Parker, daughter of former mayor Annise Parker, has known Elisabeth Pabst since they were both students at Lamar High School.

Marquitta Parker, the daughter of the late Mayor Annise Parker, and Elisabeth Pabst have been friends since their days at Lamar.

The two teenagers are opposites. Pabst, who is 28 years old, is the more extroverted type. And sweets are always her craving of choice. Parker, who is 26 years old, has a more reserved personality and a taste for savory meals. Her chilly demeanor persists for a while.

They went to a movie and then to the House of Pies in Upper Kirby for their first date. Parker ate a late-night brunch while Pabst requested a slice of her favorite dessert, Texas fudge pecan pie with ice cream.

I was quite anxious,” Parker admits. “After the first ten minutes, we talked all night.”

Pabst was caught off guard when she met the parents of her secret admirer, former Houston mayor Annise Parker, and first lady Kathy Hubbard.

Parker and his wife had vowed they would not wed until Texas abolished its ban, according to a report in the Houston Chronicle.

Pabst jokes, “I didn’t even realize she had two moms.” And yet, I entered the room without losing my composure. Games like UpWords and charades are a family tradition in her home, so that’s what we did: gathered around the table and played.

Then they did a 180 and went to see Pabst’s relatives. Even though she usually keeps to herself, introverted Parker stepped up her game here.

She arrived first and introduced herself to everyone. Pabst adds, “And we’re talking to a large number of folks and all of their children.” But everyone was quite friendly. We aren’t like a lot of families that aren’t supportive of LGBTQ people and couples. No need to tiptoe around on fragile eggshells. This was a long-term commitment on my part, I realized.

Pabst was heartbroken as their wonderful week together came to an end. She made an effort to study for the CPA exam, but her mind wasn’t in the right place.

When Pabst’s friend Marquitta left Washington, DC in February, “I was crying as I’d never see her again” on the way to the airport. Ultimately, that was it. There was no other person I could see spending my life with.

Fortunately, by April, Pabst had returned to Houston due to family obligations. Although their relationship was now firmly established in the Lone Star State, it wasn’t all roses and butterflies.

The “reality hit,” Parker, an office manager at a legal company, says candidly. Our rapid progress had left us eager to slow down a bit.

But eventually, they discovered a groove that worked for them. They went back to their weekly ritual of dining out across town, during which they sampled new desserts and eateries in pursuit of the ideal Asian eatery, ultimately settling on Trendy Dumpling in the Greenway Plaza area.

Parker, who is quite the interior decorator, recently finished decorating her girlfriend’s new condo in the Galleria neighborhood. They liked to hang out in Bellaire on the weekends, particularly at Siphon Coffee, Weights & Measures, and Paulie’s Poboys.

In 2019, Parker and his family took a disastrous trip to Mexico for his first-ever cruise holiday. The entire voyage, she was seasick.

Then in 2020, when the pandemic finally struck, something changed unexpectedly.

Marquitta Parker and Elisabeth Pabst tied the knot in her historic backyard.

Wedding vows were exchanged between Elisabeth Pabst and Marquitta Parker in the backyard of Parker’s historic home.

We’re talking about Drea Gonzalez here.

“That was the year that everything changed for me. While Parker’s mother was going through a divorce, he became close with Liz. “They’d always be off by themselves, working on homework or playing video games, and I’d never know it. I found their connection to be quite remarkable. That clinched the deal for me; I already knew she was the one.

Pabst has archived texts from the beginning of their relationship in which they foretell their future engagement. The simple message reads, “I want to marry you.” She kept mental notes on Parker’s ideal ring throughout the years. Her dreams were realized by Reiner’s Fine Jewelry in Montrose.

She asked the parents of her pals if she might propose, and they answered, “Well, we already view you as our daughter.”

The wedding of Elisabeth Pabst and Marquitta Parker took place in the historic mansion of former mayor Annise Parker.

The historic residence of former mayor Annise Parker was the setting for the wedding of Elisabeth Pabst and Marquitta Parker.

Pabst says, “I’m the type of person that wants you to open presents before Christmas.” I needed this like I needed a hole in the head. However, Marquitta put certain conditions on the proposal: “I couldn’t do it in a public area, and it couldn’t be on any holiday.”

Marquitta Parker And Elisabeth Pabst

After deciding to propose to Parker on Christmas Day, she used giant marquee lights to spell out the words “Marry Me” in the backyard of Parker’s parents’ historic home in Westmoreland District. Pabst forgot all she had practiced for weeks, but it didn’t make a difference in the end. With a positive response, Parker accepted.

We started planning like the wedding was tomorrow, Pabst explains. A year after they first started dating, on January 1, they finally spoke their vows.

According to Parker’s recollection, “anything that might go wrong, did go wrong.” It had been windy and raining on the morning of the event. She had covered a pergola with billowing cloth, but it toppled and tumbled into a pond. And Pabst hurt her hand when he smashed it into a fence.

The clouds had lifted over the twenty visitors the couple had invited by 2 o’clock. Parker changed into her bridal gown, a lace number with a train and a plunging V-neckline.‘Of course, I cried when she left,’ Pabst admits. After a long day, I relaxed with my brother, my closest friend, and Marquitta’s sister on the front porch, and it felt like we were in an episode of “Friends.” It was amazing to be embraced by so much affection.

Guests were sipping champagne, but the happy couple sneaked off for an intimate first dance to Eric Benét and Tamia’s “Spend My Life With You.” For more updates, you can visit on TheActiveNewsCom.

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