My Happy Marriage Manga: A Deep Dive Into Manga Adaptation!

Fans of slow-burn romance and historical romance will find My Happy Marriage to be highly recommended. The book’s narrative is endearing, beautifully written, and features interesting characters that readers can identify with. Additionally, the breathtaking artwork brings the story to life and immerses readers in its visual splendor.

My Happy Marriage explores a number of significant subjects, including abuse, trauma, and redemption. The protagonist of the novel is the brave woman Miyo Saimori, who eventually finds happiness with the main character, Kiyoka Kudou, after overcoming her history.

This intriguing story’s touching tale, which is built around the themes of love, rededication, and self-discovery, promises to linger with readers long after they’ve finished reading it. Below we have discussed everything there is to know about In My Happy Marriage  manga.


Where To Read My Happy Marriage Manga

On December 20, 2018, Rito Kohsaka’s gorgeous manga adaptation of this tale began its online serialization on Square Enix’s Gangan Online platform. Four volumes have been released as of July 2023. Square Enix has secured the rights to publish this cherished manga in English in North America.

Where To Read My Happy Marriage Manga
Where To Read My Happy Marriage Manga

Readers can access My Happy Marriage manga online in a few different locations. As follows:

Square Enix’s Gangan Online website and app: The manga is serialized on this site, which is its official one. However, the app is only offered in a few locations, and the website is exclusively in Japanese.

Manga UP! : A software for reading manga legally called Manga UP! provides a free trial. My Happy Marriage readers can read the first few chapters for free, but they must subscribe to access the further chapters.

Kindle on Amazon: Amazon Kindle is a fantastic addition to the aforementioned two options. The manga volumes are available for purchase on Amazon Kindle. If the reader wishes to have tangible copies of the manga, this is a fantastic choice.

Likewise, fans of the manga are also curious to learn about the storyline of My Happy Marriage. In the following paras we have a detailed information on the plotline of the same.

You can also have a look at some of the other stuff that we have covered pertaining to anime, which includes the following:

Plotline Of My Happy Marriage

In her own family, where everyone has superhuman abilities, Miyo Saimori, a young woman without any such gifts, finds herself an outsider. She bears the burden of all manual labor while being refused assistance or acceptance. As she reaches adulthood and is granted legal capacity to marry, fate directs her toward a risky opportunity: a trial run as a prospective bride for Kiyoka Kudou.

Kiyoka is a member of one of the country’s most influential families and is renowned for being a man who embodies both kindness and ruthlessness. Miyo, who is overcome with terror yet driven by desperation, understands that this is her only chance to break free from her terrible family’s chains. If you want to analyze the storyline in detail, Netflix Anime has also released an official trailer which gives you a detailed infor on the same.

Kiyoka and Miyo end up falling in love. However, there are several obstacles in their way. The latter’s family actively works to break them apart because they vehemently oppose their union. Miyo, meanwhile, deals with the residual effects of her earlier experience.

Despite this, both people are steadfast in their dedication to one another and overcome every obstacle that gets in their way. A special new anime visual was also released to celebrate Tanabata in Japan. In addition to this, there are some other adaptions of My Happy Marriage which we have discussed in the paras that follow.

You can see the visual in the tweet below.

Other Adaptations Of My Happy Marriage

The My Happy Marriage anime adaption debuted on Netflix on July 5, 2023. Takehiro Kubota served as the director while Kinema Citrus handled the animation. There are 12 episodes in the 12-episode series, which is only available to stream on Netflix.

The My Happy Marriage live-action series premiered on TV Tokyo on March 17, 2023. Director Ayuko Tsukahara is in charge of it, and Nana Komatsu plays Miyo Saimori and Yuta Koseki plays Kiyoka Kuda. The live-action series, which has 10 episodes, is only accessible on Netflix Japan.

Manga lovers have praised both the anime and live-action series. The live-action series won praise for its performances and accurate interpretation of the source material, while the anime received praise for its gorgeous animation.

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