Newport Folk Festival 2022: Joni Mitchell Performance Was Amazing

The appearance of Joni Mitchell at the Newport Folk Festival on Sunday, as a complete surprise, has already gone down in folklore.

A surprised crowd erupted as the singer-songwriter took the stage for the first time since suffering a crippling brain aneurysm in 2015, to a standing ovation.

“Big Yellow Taxi,” “Both Sides Now,” and a cover of “Summertime” were just a few of the many hits the nine-time Grammy-winning singer performed for the lucky audience.
On her 55th birthday, Joni Mitchell performed in front of a paying audience for the first time in nearly 9,000 days, according to her website.

For many die-hard Mitchell fans, this was a dream come true after the abnormal swelling of an artery in Mitchell’s brain left her unable to speak or walk, let alone play the guitar.

When asked about his declining mobility after the show by CBS News, the legendary singer, who is now 78, revealed that he was unable to speak, walk, or even get up from a chair.

She called the last few years a “return to infancy” for her.
To “see where I put my fingers,” Mitchell watched video recordings of herself playing guitar to relearn the instrument.

During a performance of “Just Like This Train” on Sunday, she rose from an opulent gold-trimmed armchair to play a guitar solo.

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It’s Been a Long Time Since the Renowned Singer Regained Even the Most Fundamental Abilities.

At Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital, Dr. Anthony Wang is one of the neurosurgeons who is amazed by Mitchell’s recovery.

Wang said on NPR: “It’s really incredible” that she’s recovered well enough to perform again. To measure a patient’s level of functional recovery, neurosurgeons frequently use the phrase “return to work”. “However, it’s rare to see a piece of work so complex.”

The most dangerous aneurysm events, according to Wang, are those in which the weakened wall of the blood vessel balloons out, then ruptures due to the intense pressure of the blood flow.

This is a very dangerous condition and nearly half of those patients die before they reach the hospital,” Wang said. “And of those who do, about half of them have permanent neurologic problems.”

Joni Mitchell Net Worth 2022: How is Rich He in Actually 2022?

According to Wang, those who survive a rupture “will experience problems such as paralysis or convulsion, as well as language difficulties and seizures.”

It’s not known if Mitchell had a ruptured aneurysm or if it was discovered in time to prevent it. In the years since she began rehabilitation therapy after being found unconscious in her home on March 31, 2015, she has kept the specifics of what happened to her private.

Wang opined that Mitchell’s recovery had to have necessitated a tremendous amount of effort on his part.

As recently as October 2020, Mitchell told The Guardian that the effects of the brain aneurysm were worse than the polio that left her unable to walk as a child.

“The aneurysm robbed me of far more than polio ever could have. Took away my ability to speak and walk. And, you know, my speech returned quickly, but I’m still having a hard time walking “she stated.

Recuperation Time Required After a Brain Aneurysm

Three-pronged: Wang believes that Mitchell’s recent recovery is a result of the immediate treatment she received from surgeons to prevent the aneurysm from re-bleeding.

After that, patients will begin their rehabilitation, including physical, cognitive, and mental rehabilitation. He called it “a really, really critical period,” one in which significant progress can be made toward recovery.

He concluded that Mitchell had “a really good kind of recovery period,” which doesn’t happen for everyone but does for many patients, based on her current ability to function.

Newport Folk Festival 2022

Finally, Wang addressed Mitchell’s determination to re-learn the skills she allegedly lost. According to the singer, the surgeon who performed brain surgery on him said, “I don’t know, but he said that I had a lot of will and grit.”

When asked if Mitchell’s attempt to re-learn guitar was the same as someone learning to play the instrument for the first time, Wang said it depends on the location of the aneurysm.

When a brain injury affects the patient’s ability to move, Wang believes that strength training can help the patient recover. Even more difficult is to deal with if it occurs in parts of the brain that are responsible for the coordination of movement.

That’s why it would take a long time to re-learn the fine movements of playing an instrument and singing, he explained. If youread news like this so you can visit TheActiveNews.Com.

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