10 Hidden Nintendo Switch Tips And Tricks For Gaming Fans Detail!

Four years after its release, Nintendo’s Switch is still going strong. The portfolio was recently joined by an OLED model, while those on a budget can pick up the Nintendo Switch Lite.

The devices are a popular method to tap into a large range of games on the fly. There are restrictions, of course, with graphical capability, storage space, and fragile Joy-Cons. But if you know where to look, there are secret Switch features that can improve your gaming sessions. Check them out below.

1. Turn on Your TV

Let go of your TV remote control. When your Switch is docked, you can use the Joy-power Con’s button to switch on your smart TV. Why not? Select “Off” in the system settings menu for “Match TV Power State” in the TV settings.

2. Enable Dark Mode

There is nothing better than a dark mode. Go to System Settings > Themes and select Basic Black if you’re tired of the Switch’s home menu dazzling you at night. A dark color theme will be applied to the home screen and all menu pages, but the games themselves will remain untouched.

3. Save Battery Life

This year’s revised version of the Nintendo Switch, as well as the OLED-enabled version, has a battery life of between 4.5 and 9 hours. The Switch Lite, on the other hand, has a battery life of between 3 and 7 hours. However, you can increase these numbers by adjusting the time it takes for the console to enter sleep mode. Select Auto-Sleep (Playing on Console Screen) under System Settings > Sleep Mode and choose how long the Switch will wait before turning off the screen.

4. Remap Those Buttons

You may now customize your Switch controller’s button layout with a recent update to the Switch ecosystem. Change Button Mapping can be done by browsing the System Settings menu and selecting Controllers and Sensors > Change Button Mapping.

When you choose a controller, you can adjust the function of each button or the direction of the joystick for a more pleasant gameplay experience. Vertical and horizontal play can be accomplished by rearranging the buttons on each Joy-Con.

5. Archive the Games You Don’t Play

The switch has a lot going for it, but storage space is not one of its strong points.” Hard drive space on the LCD Switch contains the operating system. Although the OLED model raises that up to 64 GB, it’s still possible to run out of space if most of your games are downloaded digitally.

To free up space on your hard disc, you can archive the games you no longer play (but keep your game saves). Select Manage Software > Archive Software from the drop-down menu after highlighting a game and hitting the Plus button.

Additionally, you can archive software by going to System Settings > Data Management, and then selecting Quick Archive to get a list of games to archive based on their file size and recent gameplay. Instead, select Manage Software and you’ll be able to pick and choose what you want.

6. Pop in a MicroSD Card

Unlike Sony’s PlayStation Vita, which required expensive proprietary memory cards, the Switch supports microSD cards from third parties like Samsung, SanDisk, and Toshiba. We recommend getting a card that is at least twice the size of your Switch’s internal storage.

7. Move Game Data

The Switch has a lot going for it, but storage space isn’t one of its strong points. The LCD Switch has a 32GB hard drive, which includes the operating system. Although the OLED model pushes it up to 64 GB, it’s still easy to run out of room if most of your games are downloaded.

It is possible to free up space on your hard disc by archiving games you no longer play (but keep your game saves). Select Manage Software > Archive Software from the drop-down menu after highlighting a game and hitting the Plus button on its main menu page.

System Settings > Data Management > Quick Archive will provide you with a list of titles that you can archive depending on file size and current playtime. If you want to be able to pick and choose, click Manage Software instead.

8. Save a Cool Moment

While the system is unable to record long segments of gameplay, you can still take screenshots and film quick videos. The Nintendo Switch will save your last 30 seconds of gaming if you press the capture button. It’s not much, yet it’s enough to preserve a very memorable moment.

Nintendo Switch Video Game Consoles

9. Send Screenshots to Your Phone

The Switch makes it easy to capture in-game images, but it’s not the best at letting you share those pictures. For a while, all you could do is send the images to Facebook and Twitter, but your phone is now an option too.

To send a screenshot to your phone, you’ll need to open the image on your Switch, press A for the Sharing and Editing menu, then choose to Send to Smartphone. From here, you will need to scan a QR code with your phone to wirelessly connect both devices.

Once the connection is made, scan the second code to open a web page with your image inside. This image can then be saved to your device and used however you wish. In our time using this feature, it proved to be a finicky process; your mileage may vary.

10. Transfer Save Data

If you have multiple Switch consoles, you can transfer save data between them. Navigate to System Settings > Users > Transfer Your User and Save Data to perform this task. As an alternative, you can highlight specific games, hit the + button on your controller, and navigate to Manage Software > Transfer Your Save Data from the menu.
A second Switch on the same Wi-Fi network is required, and both should be powered. Once you’ve completed the steps, the game’s data will be transferred from your old Switch to your new one.

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