Will There Ever Be No Game No Life Season 2? (Updates)

Manga and light novels are the primary inspiration for many of the series and movies that go under the umbrella term “anime.” When it comes to anime, there is never a lack of material to watch.

Everything from Attack on Titan to Akira to Cowboy Bebop is adored by fans of different genres. No Game No Life, based on the Y Kamiya novel of the same name, is another famous series.

When two step-siblings went out to find and vanquish the god of games, they were accompanied by a crew of formidable players. In a surprise victory, they take on the god Tet in chess.

Disboard is a world where all disputes are resolved through games as a form of compensation from the gods. That’s where the difficulty begins: they say yes because they think it’s a joke.

The author and his wife Mashiro Hiiragi began writing the light novel series in 2012 and it quickly became so popular that they decided to turn it into a manga the following year. The anime television adaption was made not long afterward by the Japanese animation studio Madhouse.

The first season of the anime No Game No Life aired in 2014 and ended abruptly. Of course, the show’s fans were desperate for a second season. Despite the passage of six years, no new episodes have been released. Is there ever going to be a second season of No Game No Life?

The Potential Future Of No Game No Life

Sora and Shiro face off against the god of games in the anime adaptation of No Game No Life, based on the manga and light novels.

Even if there are only 12 episodes in all, there is still a lot to be told about the step-siblings and their adventures. As a tournament is held on this planet to select who will rule over games, Season 1 introduces Disboard and its inhabitants.

Despite Sora and Shiro’s victory over Tet, many plot threads remain open and questions remain unanswered.

After the publication of the first season, there was no indication of whether or not there will be a second one. Even though No Game No Life’s first season aired more than six years ago, many fans feel a sequel is still conceivable.

No Game No Life was a huge hit when it first aired, and its popularity continues to increase. In addition to Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and a few other streaming services, you may watch the show online.

As more people watch and discuss the anime, the chance of a second season grows. Many anime fans are urging Netflix to make a second season of their favorite shows, something the streaming service has been doing a lot of lately.

The Prequel Movie, No Game No Life: Zero, Came Out In 2017

No Game No Life: Zero was released in 2017 as a precursor to the series, although there has been no second season. Following the 2014 anime series, Madhouse is producing a film based on the sixth volume of its light novel series.

With the events of No Game No Life taking place 6000 years in the past, the story follows Riku, a man in charge of the only remaining human survivors in Disboard, who must work with Schwi, an Ex-Machina android, to preserve his race from extinction.

It received generally positive reviews, with some noting that No Game No Life: Zero maybe a treat for fans of the series who’ve seen the original anime, but it can be a bit perplexing for those who haven’t.

In addition to Kim Morrissy of Anime News Network remarking that No Game No Life: Zero “peels away all the fanservice and frivolities, resulting in a different narrative that outdoes the original in nearly every regard,” other critics commended the film for its fresh take on the material.

The favorable reception to the prequel film shows that the No Game No Life community is still active, and the series might take many different paths in the future.

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The Controversy Surrounding No Game No Life Might’ve Affected Season 2

As to why there hasn’t been a season 2 yet, there are probably several factors. It’s all about the original light book series and author Kamiya, who was accused of plagiarism in 2014 exactly around when the anime’s first season was launched.

Other designers have accused Kamiya of using their work as a template for his creations, a charge he denies. Kiya “apologized to the artists and even paid them for the work he used,” according to Storify News-Times, but the scandal nevertheless impacted the development of No Game No Life season 2 in some way. In addition, the TV show has been accused of plagiarising.

was reported by SG Cafe that the show’s production crew apologized after a Japanese illustrator alleged that a design in episode 7 stole his work. As a result of these disagreements, Madhouse may have opted to leave the series and focus on other projects, according to some.

No Game No Life

Despite all of this, there have been no official pronouncements about the show’s future, but studios rarely announce the cancellation of an anime even if they never intend on continuing it.

As a result, No Game No Life’s supporters aren’t giving up hope that the show will be revived. It would seem a waste not to make use of the rich material and the already large fan base and continue the story. Fans will have to wait and see what happens.

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