Owen Hart Cause Of Death: How Did Owen Hart Pass Away?

Owen Hart Cause Of Death: The release of Vice’s documentary Dark Side Of The Ring shed light on the tragic death of Owen Hart. Widely regarded as one of the most controversial incidents in WWE history, Hart’s fatal fall during a live pay-per-view and the company’s handling of the tragic incident is criticized by fans of pro wrestling to date. The ripple effect of the accident is seen even today as Owen Hart’s widow, Martha, and the Hart Family refuse to be associated with WWE in any shape or form.


Owen Hart Cause Of Death

Owen Hart was scheduled to defend his Intercontinental Championship against The Godfather at the 1999 PPV Over the Edge. Hart, in character as the Blue Blazer (a superhero parody), descended from the arena’s rafters to enter the ring. His dramatic entrance into the ring was cut short when a malfunction in the equipment he was using resulted in a fatal fall. According to reports, Owen Hart fell 78 feet and landed on the top rope, chest first (near one of the padded turnbuckles). Read More Jake Flint Cause of Death

Since the network aired a prerecorded interview video instead of live footage of Owen Hart’s fall, viewers were spared seeing it. As one of the commentators that evening, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross later informed home viewers that Hart’s fall from the rafters was not a planned part of the show’s spectacle. He had suffered critical injuries and was taken to the Trauma Medical Center in Kansas City, where he was subsequently pronounced dead. Internal bleeding from blunt force trauma was the official cause of death, according to the autopsy report for Owen Hart. Read More About Anita Pointer Cause of Death

What Was Owen Hart Doing In WWE At The Time?

In a surprising move, WWE has revived Owen Hart’s old superhero persona, The Blue Blazer. A parody of the standard superhero, he was hilarious. Jim Cornette claims that Owen Hart did not like the gimmick but accepted it anyway because he had already rejected other gimmicks.

“Owen wasn’t comfortable with it, but he had already turned down a few things that he wasn’t comfortable with, and he didn’t want to be Negative Nancy and be known as the guy who kept saying ‘no,’ so he went along with it, and it didn’t turn out well.”

WCW officials arranged for Sting to attack other wrestlers by rappelling down from the ceiling, and Vince Russo spoke with those officials as part of the character. They were curious if there was anything they could do, and so the idea of Owen Hart descending from the ceiling via ropes came about. See This Marilyn Monroe Cause Of Death

How Did Owen Hart Pass Away?

Owen Hart Cause Of Death
Source: wrestlezone.com

At the 1999 Over The Edge PPV, Owen Hart died in front of a live audience. Instead of showing the footage of his death, the company spliced in a shot of Jim Ross, who recounted the tragic events for viewers at home.

Hart had attempted the stunt before, but this time the harness released too slowly. Thus, they fashioned a quick-release clip for his harness similar to those used in nautical settings so that he could get out of it quickly if necessary during the night.

Hart, to become more at ease in his harness, wiggled around while he was being lowered, which caused some delay. He fell from the rafters, triggering an early release, and landed on the ropes, chest first, after falling 78 feet. At that time, the lights went out in the arena and a short film played. Neither the TV viewers nor the live audience could see it because of the dim lighting.

Owen Hart tried to be revived, but his injuries from the fall proved fatal. His death came at a young age, just 34. The blunt force trauma from the fall caused internal bleeding, and he eventually passed away. Read More About Stephan Bonnar Cause Of Death

What Happened After Owen Hart Passing?

Total anarchy ensued after Owen Hart’s death. Vince McMahon, however, decided that the pay-per-view would go on despite the tragedy and so the show went on as planned.

Vince McMahon has stated that he thinks Owen Hart would have wanted the show to continue if he could have, despite Hart’s passing.

The match between Triple H and The Rock was planned for soon after the incident. Sadly, they learned of Owen Hart’s death just before they were scheduled to enter the ring. More Updates you can visit on TheActiveNews.Com.