Paolo Banchero Knee Injury: Will He Play Now or Not?

However, the New Orleans Pelicans still have hope for Michigan State forward E.J. Liddell, who fell to the third round in last month’s NBA Draft.

To make matters worse, the Atlanta Hawks announced Tuesday that he had torn his ACL inside a Preseason Game on Monday.

An embarrassing fall occurred during third-quarter play for Cameron, who had returned from the first quarter after taking a scary tumble. When he planted his foot.

it slid, and he landed with a buckled knee. For good measure, Liddell had an MRI to determine the full extent of his injuries.

The Pelicans’ Jarron Collins admitted that the going was tough. “Dyson [Daniels] and I were just talking about it the other day. Athletes get hurt all the time.

No one should suffer an injury on the road.”

As a result, the Pelicans got an ‘A’ for selecting Liddell 41st nationally in June, despite the forward falling to them in the second phase despite his obvious first-round skill.

After suffering an injury to his right knee during the first quarter (and then returning after being checked out by team doctors),

former Buckeye and current New Orleans Pelicans rookie EJ Liddell suffered another knee injury during the third quarter.

— Josh Poloha (@JorshP) July 11, 2022

Magic Closed Down Banchero

Overall, the top position is held by In his first two Finals Games, Paolo Banchero averaged 20 points, six assists, and five rebounds. Banchero was shut down on Monday as a result of the Magic’s decision to act solely on that information. He won’t take part in the rest of the team’s Vegas games.

Coach Jamahl Mosley stated, “I want to give all those other players an opportunity to play, to kind of prove what they’re capable of.

“That’s the whole goal of summer league: to give these other players a chance to show what they’re made of. And we’ve already witnessed Paolo’s abilities.”

Paolo Banchero Knee Injury

It’s reasonable that the Magic decided not to play Banchero again, emphasises his clash with Holmgren. Banchero won’t be injured in a game that doesn’t matter, which is another benefit of their selection.

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