Paul Bernon Age: Early Life, Biography & Wiki

Paul Bernon is an influential Hollywood producer and real estate mogul in the United States. The 2014 Peabody Award for Best Filmed Secret went to his video. A second company that Bernon started was called Burn Later Productions.


Paul Bernon Early Life, Biography & Wiki

On November 24, 1977, Paul Bernon entered this world. He was born in Massachusetts. His family is Caucasian. Neither his father nor his mother has been identified. Whether or not Paul has further relatives is also a mystery.

Following his high school graduation in 1998, he enrolled at Boston University. He graduated with a degree in film and television in the year 2000. Therefore, he decided to pursue an advanced degree in real estate and attended New York University in 2002. During his time as a student at Boston University, he worked at WTBU, a student-run, 15-hour-a-week radio station.

Paul Bernon Height And Weight

Paul has a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. Most estimates put his weight at 75 kilograms. Physically, he has brown hair and blue eyes.

Paul Bernon Career

Getting Into the Production Industry He won a Peabody for his documentary Best Kept Secret in 2013. Among the films that Bernon has worked on are 2013’s “Drinking Buddies,” Paramount’s “The Intervention,” Magnolia’s “Results,” Radius/”Adult Universal’s Beginners,” and Magnolia’s “Small Crimes” (Netflix). His other principal role is at Rubicon Real Estate, where he oversees acquisitions, marketing, and overall expansion.

Paul then became a co-founder and board member of the EMILY’s List Creative Council. Later the same year, he directed the short film Teacher of the Year, and two years after that, he released An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. In May 2012, Paul and Sam Slater established Burn Later Productions.

Paul Bernon’s Net Worth

In October or 2022, Paul is expected to have a net worth of $10 million. His salary is predicted to range from $35,798 per year to $133,259 per year. Even though he is a business owner and thus needs a secure income.

Paul Bernon Age

Paul Bernon Wife & Marriage

Popular American television personality Bethenny Frankel is dating British actor Paul Bernon. Their relationship isn’t always smooth sailing. TMZ found them hooked up in 2018. After that, their relationship details emerged. They nonetheless announced their breakup and went their separate ways.

A few days earlier, they were photographed together in Miami. This led to the two getting back together. Bethenny’s ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, worked in pharmaceutical sales. It wasn’t until later in 2010 that they welcomed their daughter Bryn. You can go to TheActiveNews.Com for more recent information.

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