Peter Fatomilola Biography: Playwright, Poet, Actor & Director From Nigeria

Peter Fatomilola is an accomplished playwright, poet, actor, and from Nigeria. Actors with a special understanding of plants and the Yoruba culture are becoming increasingly well-known. Fatomilola has said in an interview that his portrayals of herbalists and Ifa priests in films are based on his own experiences.


Peter Fatomilola Early Life

Peter Fatomilola entered the world on 16, 1946. He entered the world in the town of Ifisin Ekiti, Ido Osi, Ekiti State. To put it simply, Fatomilola is the offspring of a high-ranking Ifa priest. The late Fatomilola’s mother had no siblings.

The town’s Olu Awo, according to Fatomilola, was his father, Chief Abraham Ojo Fatomilola (head of the herbalists).

Many of his Nollywood roles are informed by his upbringing as the son of an Ifa Priest.

Fatomilola is not just a herbalist, but also an Ifa Priest. The actor said that by the time he was 18 he had mastered the use of Ifa and medicines and that by the time he was 9 he could understand the ‘Odu Ifa’ very well.

Peter Fatomilola Education

Fatomilola went to at Ile-Ife at the Ife City Commercial College. The actor admitted that he nearly abandoned his academic pursuits in favor of studying Ifa.

Ultimately, it was his mother’s doggedness that led to his formal education. The current Olu Awo of Ifishin Ekiti is Fatomilola.

The actor shared that his interest in reading was sparked when he began going to church with his mom.
When he was in high school, he crossed paths with Ola Rotimi. He was an early adopter of the theatrical arts in Ife City. The actor starred in the drama Oro Ikoko.

In 1967, after finishing high school, he began working with the late Prof. Ola Rotimi. The Professor suggested he attend college for Drama.

Before settling on its current name, the Dramatic Society went by a few different ones, including the Uni-Ife Theatre and the Obafemi Awolowo University Travelling Theatre.

The actor said his mother was initially against him pursuing acting as a career, but she eventually came around after realizing that the theatre he was participating in was respectable.

She was proud of his accomplishments in the theatre and died in December 2014 as a contented parent.

Peter Fatomilola Career

The actor said that after becoming interested in the Ose Ife festival, he knew he wanted to pursue acting.

When he was young, the Ifa priests would visit his father and introduce him to drama through their , dancing, and instrument playing.

After discovering the Olokun Theatre in 1967, Fatomilola became a part of it. At Obafemi Awolowo University, he studied under the late Professor Ola Rotimi, a celebrated dramatist, and prolific playwright.

Moreover, he spent ten years studying under Professor Wole Soyinka, as he just confessed. Professor Wande Abimbola was a source of knowledge for him in regard to Yoruba orality.

After graduating with a BA in Theatre Arts from Obafemi Awolowo in 1978, the actor joined the faculty there.

In the comedy film directed by Wale Adenuga and starring Fatomilola, he played the role of Papa Ajasco for the first time. And in 1997, he starred in Sango, an epic African film directed by Wale Ogunyemi and produced by Obafemi Lasode.

He said that in addition to Babalawo and herbalist, he has also portrayed the roles of lawyer, policeman, jail warden, and prisoner in films.

Dr. Ahmed Yerima, the current Artistic Director of the National Troupe, Yemi Shodimu, Olumide Bakare, and Becky, who now coordinates the production set of Wale Adenuga, are just a few of the many people Fatomilola has mentored.

In Ile Ife, the Kabiyesi Okunade Sijuwade acknowledged him and bestowed upon him the title of Amuludun of the Source.

At this time, Fatomilola is enjoying retirement. He left Obafemi Awolowo University in 2006 to focus on farming, however, he occasionally appears in movies.

Peter Fatomilola Net Worth 2022

Net Worth $900,000
Date Of Birth 16-01-1946
Profession Actor
Nationality Nigerian
Nicknames Peter Fatomilola


The actor said he has been questioned about taking time away from his post to act, but he has been able to explain himself by saying that performing has helped him learn new things that he can then pass on to his students.

Since he always informed the university whenever he needed to travel to a site, they typically approved it, he was able to avoid further controversies until he resigned.

Peter Fatomilola Biography


Fatomilola admitted that he is a born-again Christian and an Ifa descendant and practitioner. He is also well-versed in the Quran.

He claims that all faiths essentially worship the same God in various ways. There’s Ifa, Christianity, and Arabic prayer in his life. If you read a more interesting post or news so you can visit TheActiveNews.Com.

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