Peter Krause Net Worth: Does He Have a Child?

American actor, director, and producer Peter Krause has a multimillion-dollar net worth. Peter Krause is an actor who has been in several television shows throughout the years, including “Sports Night” (1998-2000) on ABC, “Six Feet Under” (2001-2005) on HBO, “Dirty S*xy Money” (2007-2009) on ABC, “Parenthood” (2010-2015) on NBC, and “9-1-1” (2014-present) on Fox (2018–present). Peter has been nominated and awarded various prizes thanks to Six Feet Under.


Peter Krause’s Net Worth

An American actor, director, and producer, Peter Krause has a net worth of $20 million. Peter’s first feature was 1987’s “Blood Harvest,” and he had recurring roles in the NBC sitcom “Carol & Company,” which ran for two seasons and 33 episodes.

In 1992, he played Jay Thurman in an ongoing role on the Fox adolescent drama “Beverly Hills, 90210,” and he has since been in guest roles on shows like “Seinfeld,” “Ellen,” “Caroline in the City,” “Brotherly Love,” “The Drew Carey Show,” and “3rd Rock from the Sun” (1997). If You Know About More So You Can Click Here Tori Spelling Net Worth.

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause’s Relationship

They have a long history together. Lauren Graham and Peter Krause started dating while filming Parenthood, but they had known each other for a long time before their on-screen sibling roles.

The two became friends while working together on the 1990s sitcom Caroline in the City, and they went on to present together at the 2000s Screen Actors Guild Awards. However, it took some time for their affinity with one another to become obvious.

Soon after, in 2010, Graham and Krause were cast as Sarah and Adam Braverman, respectively, on the hit NBC series Parenthood. If You Read More So Check This John Ventimiglia Net Worth.

Lauren Graham And Peter Krause Children

Lauren Graham has strong feelings for Peter Krause‘s son, from his previous relationship.

In her new memoir, Have I Told You This Already?, the 55-year-old Gilmore Girls star discusses her relationship with Krause’s son Roman. When she tells Roman in Stories I Don’t Want to Forget that she and Krause are no longer together, she expresses her desire to keep in touch with him.

Peter Krause Net Worth

After working together on Parenthood, Graham started dating Krause, and the couple lasted almost 12 years before breaking up in the summer of 2021. For a time, Krause and Graham’s ex-partner Christine King lived with them, and Graham helped raise Krause’s now 21-year-old son, Roman.

According to Graham’s latest book, “I’ve never been a mom, but I have loved a child who lived in my house for a long time,” she says. Read More This Patrick Mahomes Net Worth.

Lauren Graham On Peter Krause’s Split

Lauren Graham claims that she and Peter Krause’s long-term relationship broke down owing to irreconcilable differences.

After dating since their time together on “Parenthood” in 2010, the “Gilmore Girls” starlet admitted that she and Krause may not have known one other as well as they thought they did after 11 years of dating. You Can Check About This Adam Curry’s Net Worth.

Having known each other for so long “had all the benefits,” Graham told People. We almost started dating in our forties without asking any of the questions that people our age should be asking. You Can Go To TheActiveNews.Com To Get The Latest News.