Pooh Shiesty Net Worth: How Much Money Did Pooh Shiesty Have?

People are looking for Pooh Shiesty Net Worth. Today I’d want to pay tribute to a rising talent in the American rap scene, one whose music has already garnered critical acclaim and multiple honors despite his relatively young age.

Pooh Shiesty is a Hip-hop musician and Rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, United States. He was born on November 8, 1999. Throughout his formative years, he and the “Big 30” all lived in the Cane Creek Apartments. Lontrell Donell Williams Jr. is his given name. He’s a young prodigy, but his songs have already made a big splash in the music business. Considering his young age, he has achieved phenomenal success so quickly.

Pooh Shiesty has racked up millions of streams during his career, solidifying his status as a major player in the music industry. I’m sure you’re all excited to learn more about his successful life and the sources of his money, so stay tuned for additional details. But before we get there, let’s try to piece together his personality and the reasons for his meteoric rise in the business world.


Pooh Shiesty Net Worth

Pooh Shiesty, as of the year 2022, is expected to have a net worth of $12 million. His annual income from YouTube ads was over $2 million, far higher than the 1.5 million he had previously reported. He also averaged over a 125k (about $150k) year income in preparation.

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Similarly, according to rumor and speculation, Pooh Shiesty was worth more than $10 million in 2020. In addition, he earns somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million a year in salary.

At his early age, he is already widely recognized as one of the most promising new rappers in the United States. A native of Memphis, Pooh Shiesty is currently considered one of the most exciting new acts in hip-hop.

Early Life of Pooh Shiesty

Pooh Shiesty entered the world born on November 8, 1999, in Memphis, Tennessee. Lontrell Williams is his given name. He started rapping when he was 12 and took it seriously at 16. After releasing his breakthrough track “Back in Blood” in 2020, he began to achieve notoriety in the rap scene. Since then, he’s dropped several hit singles and participated in a number of high-profile projects.

Also, he spent a considerable portion of his formative years there. His family eventually relocated to Texas. He has loved music ever since he was a kid, especially rap and singing. Moreover, He was a big fan of the local high school. At the age of 18, after finishing high school, he decided to pursue a career in music.

Earning from YouTube channel

On May 26, 2020, Montreal Williams created his Pooh Shiesty channel on YouTube, according to Social Blade. The channel has gained over 1.2 million subscribers in a short period of time. His monthly income from YouTube ads is above $130,000.

Pooh Shiesty Net Worth: How Much Money Did Pooh Shiesty Have?

Pooh Shiesty’s Personal Life

Nothing much has been revealed regarding Pooh Shiesty’s private life. He hasn’t tied the knot and is childless. Several ladies have been linked to him, although he has never verified any of them. Since he doesn’t participate in any social media, it’s hard to learn anything about his private life, either.

What time does Pooh Shiesty get out of prison? Rapper provides update amid investigation over potential prison term.

Pooh Shiesty’s run-ins with the law have caused him a great deal of trouble throughout the years, the most recent being his five-year prison sentence in 2022. After serving his 63-month prison term, he will be subject to three years of supervised release. Earlier this week, on Tuesday, he posted an Instagram saying:

“King Shiesty tappin in from the middle of the pennititary aka Hell where they say I cant go, jailing no telling!! I still remain Untouched, Millions still in double digits! Tell Google fix my networth we can verify that sh*t right now.”

Shiesty spoke about how long he’s been locked up in jail and how others talk trash about him. In response, he stated:

Stop playing with my name before I buy one of you for sale a** n**as you n**as anything! I put on for this Choppa Gang sh*t everyday. Twice on Sundays im on the same sh*t from Tokio to Tennesse.”

Pooh Shiesty then extended his gratitude to his supporters and pleaded with them to keep his name in the media till he was released. Aside from that, he said a few words to his detractors, who he called:

“Im touching down to terrorize I gotta dorito on my shoulder im going 100% flamboyant on you f**king clowns! Its all bad for you wild a** n**as ‘All Eyes on Shiest ‘ #NeverCheckedin #SnitchK #No5k1 #Norule35 #Mr.Omerta.”

Pooh Shiesty received a 63-month prison term for his role in a gun-smuggling plot.

After entering a guilty plea to a firearms conspiracy charge in April of last year, Pooh Shiesty was given a 63-month prison sentence. A federal judge in Miami, Florida, Kevin Michael Moore, announced the verdict. The shooting death of a man called Brandon Cooper in the year 2020 was the catalyst for the allegations. After 3.5 years of good behavior, he may be eligible for release. Bradford Cohen, his attorney, stated:

“Listen, nobody’s happy to go to prison, but he was happy the judge listened to our argument, and the judge received the argument well. He was satisfied with the outcome. We’re happy with the decision of the court.”


According to recent reports, he may be required to compensate the two men who were shot and injured to the tune of $1.1 million. The same is requested in a few documents obtained by VLAD TV from the prosecution. An official tally puts the sum at $1,149,828.43.Cohen has replied by claiming the victims were armed and intending to sell drugs to Shiesty, and disputing the reparation amount. The victim’s medical records were used to arrive at the final compensation amount.

Further details on the shooting incident

The shooting happened at Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, in October 2020. Prosecutors claim that Pooh Shiesty and two others opened fire on a group of people who were in the midst of a marijuana and shoe trade.

When Pooh and his pals arrived to pick up their purchases, they didn’t pay for them, and Shiesty was arrested for shooting Cooper.

The police found Shiesty thanks to the serial number on a bill he posted to Instagram, which led them to a bag of cash that had fallen from the car. Four counts of the shooting were initially filed against him, but three were ultimately dropped.

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Pooh Shiesty is an upandcoming artist from Memphis, Tennessee who has already achieved considerable success and recognition in the music industry. He has earned millions of streams on various platforms, earning him a net worth of $12 million in the year 2022. He also earns over $2 million a year in salary. He was arrested in 2020 for a gunsmuggling plot, for which he was sentenced to a 63month prison term, with the possibility of early release due to good behavior. He has also been linked to several ladies, although nothing has been confirmed.