Q’orianka Kilcher: Is She Arrest in Fraud Charges?

What Will Q’orianka Kilcher’s Net Worth Be in 2022? Actress Q’orianka Kilcher has indeed been charged with Los Angeles County workers’ compensation fraud.

She was still working on the show “Yellowstone” while complaining to her doctor that she was in too much agony to complete her job. According to reports, the 32-year-old actress had injuries to her neck and shoulder while filming “Dora as well as the Lost City of Gold” back in October 2018.


Q’orianka Kilcher’s Net Worth 2022

Actress Q’Orianka Kilcher is worth an estimated $3 million at the moment. I think it’s reasonable to say she’s one of America’s most well-known actors.

Because of her enormous wealth, she is able to lead a lavish lifestyle. She is a well-known performer and actress in the entertainment sector. As a result, the great majority of her earnings come from her acting and singing career.

She received numerous honors and accolades for her work in film and television, including a Golden Globe and a SAG Award. “The New World” won her a prestigious award for her outstanding performance in the film.


In addition, her contribution to the music for the documentary “Free Chiana” earned her the Hollywood Musical in Media Award trophy for best song.

Why is She Arrested?

She turned herself in to the police during the month of May. It’s clear that her lawyer, Michael Becker, is confident that his patient is innocent of any crime and that he has never been awarded anything to which she was not lawfully entitled.

In October 2018, while traveling in a production vehicle on the set of “Dora,” Kilcher suffered injuries to her head and right shoulder, and she began collecting disability insurance, according to the insurance company.

She was involved in the show’s production during that time. The next year, she turned down work because of substantial neck pain, according to the firm, which added that the accident was the root cause of both problems she had suffered before that.

Following a period of time away from the workforce, Kilcher returned to work and continued receiving disability benefits, according to a business statement.

Q’orianka Kilcher Fraud Allegations

Q’orianka Kilcher, 32, of North Hollywood, has been charged with two counts of felony workers’ compensation insurance fraud, per the State Department of Revenue.

Between the years 2009 and 2012, she falsely obtained a total of $96,838 in temporary disability benefits.

According to the insurance department, Kilcher accumulated the money over a period of several months while working on the set of “Yellowstone.” In total, she was featured in four episodes as Angela Sapphire Thunder in the year 2020.

“Yellowstone” stars Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grim, and Wes Bentley, all of whom appear in the Paramount Network’s “Yellowstone.” The years 2019 and 2021 are divided into four unique quarters by four different seasons.

Is Q’orianka Kilcher a married woman?

Since 2019, Kilcher has been seeing Adam Villasenor, the man she claims to be her husband. ‘If I had a rose for each and every moment I thought of you.

I could wander around my garden forever,’ Kilcher said besides a snapshot of herself and Adam taken on August 13, 2019. For the first time, she included the word #love in her caption, teasing her fans about her new relationship.

After she shared a new year’s Instagram photo of her and Adam embracing on January 1, 2020, her relationship was confirmed.

In Full Flower (2019), Unknown TM Project, and Everything You Love: Adam Villasenor is a film and tv producer (2016).

Reza Ghassemi co-wrote and directed VillaSeor’s debut feature film, In Full Flower, a postwar Japanese philosophical boxing drama around an American boxer as well as a Japanese boxer squaring off in 1960.

At the Oldenburg International Picture Festival in Germany, the film made its international debut. With musician Andrew Kawczynski (Dunkirk, Wonder Woman) and world-class combat coordinator Darrel Foster, he cooperated on his debut film, In Full Bloom (Ali, Bleed For This).

Q’orianka Kilcher

Even still, neither Adam nor Q’orianka has made a public announcement of their engagement or marriage. However, Adam doesn’t really appear to be married to Kilcher at this time.

Regardless matter whether you’re married or not, a ring on the ring finger is an undeniable symbol of love, and anyone can wear one.

A successful marriage is not something that just happens by happenstance. There are signs that Adam and Kilcher are working on it. However long it takes, we hope they get married soon.

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