Who Is Raymond Goh Wife? An Enigma Worth Exploring!!

The’man with the golden voice’ for Malaysians due to his distinctive baritone, Raymond Goh was a well-known face on television for those who were young at the turn of the new millennium.

He also established a solid reputation for himself in the public eye by being the longest-serving news anchor on TV3’s Nightline, the evening news programme. Goh got his start in the media business when he was in his twenties and decided to work as a disc jockey in the early 1980s.

His friendliness and command of the English language eventually attracted the attention of TV3’s Head of News, who eventually extended him an offer to work as a newsreader for its English news bulletin programme. Despite the fact that he enjoyed a high level of career popularity, people are still interested in learning more about his wife. Therefore, let’s look.

Who Is Raymond Goh’s Wife?

Raymond Goh, a distinguished journalist best known for serving as the host of TV3’s Nightline news programme, is married to Faridah Teh. Muhammad Zaman Goh Abdullah, another name for Raymond Goh, left a deep influence on a lot of individuals in the nation.

James Pearson posted an official tweet which verifies that Fridah Teh is the wife of Raymond Goh.

Because of her husband’s terrible medical condition, Faridah Teh has recently gained more attention from the general public. She usually keeps a low profile, but on September 1, 2023, she made a statement about how she was helping her husband through this trying period. Faridah Teh expressed her gratitude for the immensely good support and prayers from Malaysians while Raymond Goh struggled with the repercussions of a stroke.

Who Is Raymond Goh's Wife
Who Is Raymond Goh’s Wife

She disclosed that he had a stroke on a Wednesday and had been checked into a Petaling Jaya hospital. At the time of her statement, his condition was fairly critical, and the family asked for discretion as they got through this trying time.

Faridah Teh’s background and personal life are not well known, but her public acknowledgement of and support for her husband underlines the strength of their relationship during this trying time and emphasises the value of family in difficult circumstances.

What Caused Raymond Goh’s De@th?

Raymond Goh, who was 62 years old and had a stroke, passed away at 10:40 a.m., 13 days after being taken to the hospital. His wife Faridah Teh and other family members made the official announcement of his departure to the general public. They expressed their profound sadness and sorrow.

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Faridah further mentioned that Goh’s burial will take place at the Bukit Kiara Muslim Cemetery after the funeral prayers, which would be held at Masjid At-Taqwa in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

In addition to demonstrating the value of family in difficult times, Faridah Teh’s public acknowledgment and persistent support for her husband reflect the unique bond they formed throughout this trying period. Her tenacity in the face of these challenges is inspiring to many others and is a source of motivation for her. Follow our website, theactivenews.com, to learn more about this news.