Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is The Poker Player Actually?

Robbi Jade Lew is an American poker newbie. She won an all-in-hand pot against Garrett Adelstein on the Hustler Casino Live stream on Thursday night. Robbie was then afterward accused by Adelstein of cheating in the game. As of 2022, Robbi Jade Lew net worth is around $1 million.

Full Name Robbi Jade Lew
Birthday/Age 1987/35 years
Birthplace United States
Profession Poker Player
Relationship Status Unknown
Net Worth $1 million

Robbi Jade Lew Early Life

American-born Robbi Jade Lew entered the world in 1987. Her background, upbringing, and education are all shrouded in mystery. She has competed in the Hustler Casino Live competition twice.

Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth & Career

Robbi hung out at the Hustler Casino in California, which is open around the clock, with professional poker player Garrett Adelstein. Robbi’s abrupt decision to go all-in while holding a weak hand in the Livestream game startled Adelstein into silence. Adelstein bet all of Lew’s $130,000 and she had to go all in. Adelstein was taken aback when she revealed a Jack high hand. She ended up taking home the entire $269,000 pot when she triumphed.

After the COVID-19 epidemic, Lew began to take poker more seriously. Before that, she was a high-ranking official in the pharmaceutical giant Bayer. Conversely, Garrett Adelstein has been a professional poker player for almost a decade. Adelstein is famous for his brashness and high stakes. Live no-limit hold ’em cash games are where he truly shines.

Cheating Accusation

On Thursday night, Robbie was considerably more impressive than Adelstein during the casino’s Livestream game. The 7 and 8 of clubs were in Adelstein’s hand, while she held the Jack and the 4 of an unsuited suit. When the flop revealed the 10 of hearts, 10 of clubs, and 9 of clubs, Adelstein had a chance at a straight flush. At that point, Adelstein had a nearly 70% chance to win the hand, whereas Lew had nothing. Any club, jack of six, would have given Adelstein the victory.

Robbie abruptly accepted Adelstein’s $2,500 wager. Things began to change when the fourth street brought the three hearts, which were of no assistance to either party. Adelstein then placed a $10,000 opening bet, which Lew doubled. Garrett then made a blind bet of $129,000. It was still 53% likely at that point that he would win the game. Meanwhile, Lew’s hand consisted of only a jack-high when she abruptly decided to call the wager.

Jack high, four kickers were enough to win the pot for Robbi. Adelstein accused Lew after the competition. As the Livestream progressed, viewers saw Garrett give Lew the death stare; in response, Lew laughed and said, “You look like you want to kill me.” Adelstein has previously been seen praising an adversary for a heroic call. The only difference was that Lew gave a murderous stare. The commentator on the stream claimed that Garrett’s expression was the most unsettling he had ever seen.

Lew revealed that Adelstein was likely holding ace-high, making his hand stronger than hers. Winner Lew speculated that Adelstein was betting big even though he was broke. After a private discussion between Lew and Adelstein, she returned control of the situation to him. When Lew questioned her motives, she explained that she had enquired as to what Adelstein considered to be a source of joy in his life. After hearing this, he added, “I’ll show you how I feel” by returning his money. Lew continued by saying that she will get the money back and that she will not put up with any drama.

Robbi Jade Lew Personal Life

It is unknown if Robbi Jade Lew is currently in a relationship or if she is even dating anyone. The scandalous match she played with Garrett Adelstein has been the primary reason for her notoriety. Adelstein accused her further of cheating after the game by utilizing a vibrating device to signal when she had the best hand. Lew tweeted that Adelstein had blocked her, proving Lew’s accusation to be true.

As Robbi tweeted, Adelstein has cornered and threatened her. She also discussed the time she was yanked from the game and forced to speak to him in a dark hallway while he gave her the death gaze on video.

Robbi Jade Lew Net Worth 2022

As of the year 2022, Robbi Jade Lew is expected to have a net worth of approximately $1 million. In her two trips to Hustler Casino, she has won slightly over $100,000. Hustler Casino announced after the heated Livestream game against Garrett Adelstein that neither player will be invited to play the game until the event was fully examined. For more updates, you can visit TheActiveNews.Com.

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