Robert Horry Kids: How Many Children Does The NBA Legend Have?

Robert Keith Horry is a commentator on many sports in the United States. He is a former professional basketball player in the United States.

He participated in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for a total of 16 seasons and won seven championships during that time, making him the player with the most titles who did not play for the Boston Celtics throughout those decades. He is one of only four players to have ever won an NBA championship with three different teams.

He won two championships with the Houston Rockets, three championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, and two championships with the San Antonio Spurs. He never suffered a loss in the NBA Finals during his career. Even though he is very well known for his work, his fans are interested in learning more about his family, particularly his children.

How Many Kids Robert Horry Have?

Robert Horry, a legendary player for the Lakers, is the father of three children: a girl and two sons. Horry’s family is his primary residence. Ashlyn, his first child and a girl, was diagnosed with a rare genetic abnormality called 1p36 deletion syndrome.

This condition is caused by the absence of a portion of the first chromosome and affects the development of the individual. She passed away on June 14, 2011, when she was only 17 years old.

How Many Kids Robert Horry Have?
How Many Kids Robert Horry Have?

Camron Horry, who is his older son, currently plays college football at Texas A&M. His younger daughter, Jade Horry, currently resides in the city of Los Angeles, in the state of California. Christian Horry, his younger son, is following in his father’s footsteps as a professional basketball player.

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Horry currently resides in Los Angeles, where he is the head coach of his AAU Big Shot basketball club. On September 29, 2019, he tied the knot with the woman he had been d@ting for a very long time, Candice Madrid. In an episode of the television series The Lincoln Lawyer from the year 2023, Horry made a guest appearance as himself.

How Did Robert Horry’s Daughter Di*d?

A tragic end has befallen Robert Horry’s daughter, who was only a teenager when she passed away. Ashlyn Horry, who had been battling 1p36 deletion syndrome for the past 17 years, lost her battle with the genetic condition. Unfortunately, prior to the past few years, very little was known about the illness.

Anthony B. Warren posted an official tweet which respect to the de@th of Ashlyn.

The passing of Ashlyn couldn’t have happened at a more tragic moment, as Father’s Day was on the day she di*d . However, Horry is not alone; many of our favorite fathers also have children who struggle with various ailments and impairments.

The L.A. Lakers player Derek Fisher’s daughter was diagnosed with a rare kind of eye c@ncer a few years ago, and Boris Kodjoe’s daughter, Sophie, suffers from spina bifida. Both of these conditions are life-threatening.

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