Rojean Kar (Yungsweetro) Age: Who Are Rojean Kar’s Parents?

Digital content maker and influencer that specializes in the beauty, fashion, and travel industries. Her yungsweetro Instagram has amassed a massive following of over 200k people.

Rojean Kar Biography
Real Name Rojean Kar.
Aka Yungsweetro.
Profession Social Media Influencer.
Age 27 years old.
Birth Date March 11, 1995.
Birth Place The United States.
Gender Female.
Nationality America
Zodiac Aries
Ethnicities African American.


Who is Travis Scott’s Ex-Girlfriend, Rojean Kar?

Rojean Kar, aka Yungsweetro, is a 27-year-old social media star and model who was born on March 11, 1995. She has amassed a total of 369 thousand followers on Instagram alone, and that number is steadily growing ever since Rojean posted a video to her Instagram Story from the set of one of Travis’ productions.

As Kar put it in her Instagram story, “To say you don’t know me, and you’ve never been with me when you’ve been with me. They’ve all seen us, and everyone knows you’re with me. Come on, sir, when I have evidence in the form of photographs and film of you.

You’re pretty cool, and I appreciate that. After seeing you on Valentine’s Day, I bolted out of the house and was immediately bombarded by the attention of every single girl I knew. Simply put, Travis wants to meet up with you. Do return. Are we ignoring that as well? Seriously, guys. You’re constantly deceiving me in that regard. Everybody in town can see it. Please don’t do that.

Regardless, rumors flourished because the model had been linked to the rapper in the past. In 2019, Rojean denied reports of a romance with Travis, which could have led to a rift in his relationship with Kylie.

This is a distinct situation. As a response, Travis wrote on Instagram, “it’s a lot of odd going on. While I was in charge of directing a video, an unwelcome guest managed to get inside the set and take pictures without permission. I promise this is the final time I’ll say it. This is a person I am not familiar with. I’m not with this person and you should leave me alone. With all the internet games and made-up stories that never stop.


Who are Rojean Kar’s Parents?

Rojean Kar, better known by her online alias “Yungsweetro,” was born to American parents on March 11, 1995. She has been silent about her parents and her past, but our initial investigation led us to a Reddit thread in which many users claimed that Rojean is not her true name.

Even after much investigation, many people continue to hold the false belief that Rojean, Travis’s ex-girlfriend, is currently a medical student. The only proof we have is a live Instagram chat between Kar and a buddy in which they debate medical terms, so it’s hard to believe this part of the narrative.

Rojean Kar (Yungsweetro) Age

Instagram & Tiktok

A well-known Instagram star and model, Rogen has been posting photos and videos to the app since January 8, 2011. While her early posts were more eclectic, her focus has shifted to lifestyle and fashion in more recent years, and she has amassed a net worth of $1.3 million thanks in large part to endorsement deals.

Rojean, Travis Scott’s alleged ex-girlfriend, is on TikTok as well as Instagram, though she has only submitted three videos so far. However, in two of them, it is evident that Kar enjoys going to parties. For more updates, you can visit on TheActiveNews.Com.

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