Rosie Rivera Baby Father: She Almost Split From Her Husband

Rosie Rivera and Abel Flores are expecting their second child. The 34-year-old woman shared the happy news on her various social media platforms.

There’s been no news on whether or not the baby is a boy or a girl, but she did share a snapshot that’s sure to warm your heart. Look through the pages to learn things about her family that you didn’t know before.


Her Baby’s Development

Rosie updated her app screenshot with a picture of her growing baby, who is now around the size of a lime. And she added this tweet: “At last, I have a place of my own in which to labor in peace. Positive: I now feel better after three months of being miserable. To put it simply, I like my time spent working.”

She Almost Split From Her Husband

In 2011, Rosie and her now-husband Abel tied the knot, but the following year, Rosie lost her sister Jenni Rivera in an aircraft crash. She told Univision how stressful the situation was for her marriage. “To have him witness my breakdown was something I desperately wanted to avoid. I hoped he’d leave. We give thanks that he never left and never took it seriously “The words came from her mouth.

Her Husband Worships Her

Her younger spouse, Abel Flores, is all about showering her with public declarations of affection. In a recent note, he gushed, “This is the woman I am so blessed to call my wife.”

Her Husband Is a Singer & Entrepreneur

There’s obvious talent in both of their parents. The husband of the Mexican star is a Christian singer with aspirations of opening his worship gear line called “Abel’s Worship.”

She Gave Birth In a Car

Rosie had her baby Samantha in the car on the way to the hospital in July 2013. To God be the glory for blessing me with such a strong, gorgeous, and healthy baby daughter. “She wasn’t born in water, she wasn’t born in a hospital—she was born in another very wonderful place,” Rivera wrote on Twitter.

The Story Behind Her Daughter’s Name

 Rosie gave her kid the name Samantha, which means “one who always listens.” To People en Espaol, she said, “We want to raise a wise girl.” Her sister Jenni Rivera’s nickname, “Chay,” inspired her middle name.

Rosie Rivera Baby Father

She Overcame S*e*xual Abuse

Jacqie, Jenni’s daughter, advocated for the publication of her aunt Rosie’s 2016 memoir, My Broken Pieces, in which she detailed being s**xually abused by Trino Marin, the ex-husband of Jenni’s older sister. The ordeal “was upsetting for my family,” she told Univision. For more updates you can visit on TheActiveNews.Com.

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