Rune Factory 3: Special launches In Japan

For an extra 598 yen (plus tax), you can get the “Digital Deluxe Edition,” which contains a digital copy of the game as well as the “Everyone Wears Swimsuits Mode.”

For 9,800 yen plus tax, you can purchase the “Dream Collection” limited edition (pictured), which includes the base game, a special box with artwork by Minako Iwasaki, a “classified private CD,” a memorial diorama acrylic stand, and a download code for the downloadable content “Everyone Wears Swimsuits Mode.”

Last but not least, a limited “Dream Collection & Wedding Collection” edition will be sold exclusively at Marvelous Shop for 33,600 yen plus tax.

This edition will feature the Dream Collection content, Engagement Ring No.9 and Happy Ring No.9 from the Rune Factory series in a special ring case, a necklace to wear the rings with, an 11-print bridal photo set, a bridal diorama photo stand, and a special box.

Rune Factory 3 Special will be released in the west in the year 2023.


About Rune Factory 3

The traditional role-playing game/life simulation has been updated and enhanced in Rune Factory 3 Special. In addition to a plethora of new features, Rune Factory 3 Special now boasts updated aesthetics fit for a new generation.

After more than a decade since its first debut on Nintendo DS, the much-loved Rune Factory 3 Special is back with updated visuals and playable characters in 3D. You can live the fantasy life you’ve always dreamed of, complete with dungeon exploration, farm chores, and romantic encounters.

Players in Rune Factory 3 Special assume the character of Micah, a young guy with the ability to transform into a golden sheep-like monster called a woolly.

Micah has little recollection of his life before being rescued by a young woman and finding himself in the middle of a long-running struggle between humans and monsters in the provincial town of Share. Micah is tasked with mending fences between ethnic groups to restore harmony, all while learning a disturbing truth about himself.

Key Features

Micah, a young guy with amnesia and the unusual power to shift into a woolly, invites you to take on his role as he seeks a way for monsters and humans to live in peace.

Classic role-playing game Exciting Events and Explorations Await ‒ Learn to use swords, spears, hammers, and even magic against formidable foes. Explore dangerous underground chambers by enlisting the help of locals and monsters.

Plant the Seeds of Your Future You can rest from your travels and do things like farming, fishing, and more. Learn about the different types of Magic Seeds, which can be grown into unusual crops that contribute to Micah’s quest in surprising ways.

Meet eleven of the most beautiful bachelorettes in the history of the series as you try to find Beauty to the Beast. Get to know each other better through regular interactions, develop romantic feelings, and finally, pop the question. One day soon, Micah will have a loving family to share his travels with. TheActiveNews.Com is a great place to go for the latest news.

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