Sara Lee De@th: Did Former WWE Superstar Choose to End Their Own Life?

When wrestling fans heard that Sara Lee had d!ed, they were shocked. The former WWE talent was found de@d at the age of 29. She was known for her time on the TV show “Tough Enough” and her short time in NXT.

Even though not much is known about her de@th, there are reports that Sara Lee may have k!lled herself. In this piece, we discuss the sad chance Sara Lee k!lled herself and examine other reasons why she might have d!ed so young.

Sara Lee De@th Cause Revealed

Medical examiners in Texas said on Friday(May 5, 2023) that pro wrestler Sara Lee, 30, had committed herself by overdosing on alcohol and other narcotics. Winner of WWE’s “Tough Enough” in 2015, Lee p@ssed away on October 5 at her home in San Antonio, Texas.

On Friday(5 May 2023), a Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office representative told NBC News that the de@th was a su!cide due to “mixed dr*g toxicity” since amphetamines, doxylamine, and alcohol were all discovered in her system.

Sara Lee De@th

Lee, originally from Hope, Michigan, won the sixth season of the program and a $250,000 contract with WWE.

“Sara lived for 30 years. And she lived many beautiful moments in those 30 years,” sister-in-law Courtney White said in a statement to NBC News on Friday night.

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“Her death was a very short chapter in a very beautiful life. A chapter that needs no explanation or comments. Seven months ago today, she left us, and the details matter no more then than they do now.”

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