Casting a Spell Shadow and Bone Season 2 Cast: Meet the New Faces of Series

Want to re-enter the Grishaverse? Shadow and Bone’s second season will feature brand-new stories, perils, and characters. Come explore the fascinating world of the Season 2 cast of Shadow and Bone with us. The performances of everyone in this cast, from promising newcomers to seasoned veterans, are guaranteed to enchant and captivate us.

Please get to know the actors who will bring these characters to life and lead us on our next adventure outside the Fold. With the cast of Shadow and Bone returning for a second season, I say let’s go back to Ravka and beyond to discover what magic awaits us!

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Cast Guide

Jessie Mei Li being Alina Starkov

Shadow and Bone revolve around Alina Starkov, a teenage half-Shu cartographer. Alina, portrayed by Jessie Mei Li (who you may recognize from Edgar Wright’s One Night in Soho), went from being a lowly soldier in the Ravakan army to a legendary figure in Grisha folklore after it was discovered that she was the Sun Summoner.

She is a formidable opponent because of her Grisha powers, which grant her control over sunlight. After the startling events of Season 1’s finale, she had to go into hiding as she plotted her revenge against the powerful dark magic user who had been her mentor.

From the official page for the season, here is a tweet made accessible about the cast of Shadow and Bone season 2.

Ben Barnes will play the role of General Kerrigan

After starring in such fantasy classics as Prince Caspian and Stardust, Ben Barnes established a devoted fan base. Nonetheless, his performance as the villainous Darkling has the potential to be his most memorable role. When he was in charge of the Second Army, General Kirigan created a “safe” zone for Grisha, who were prepared to cooperate with the Royalty of Ravka.

It was a ploy, though. In reality, Kirigan is the Black Heretic, a centuries-old evil who built the Fold, a shadow realm inhabited by monstrous beings he can command. He intended to control Alina and her abilities, but he made a formidable foe.

Archie Renaux being Malyen

Mal, an old friend from childhood, is Alina’s best and most reliable supporter. They spent their formative years together at an orphanage on Ravka and later enlisted in the First Army. Although Mal isn’t a Grisha, he possesses a unique talent for tracking that he uses to aid Alina in her quest.

Since they are now romantically involved, Mal will do whatever to safeguard Alina’s safety. Renaux’s portrayal of Mal made him famous. Still, you may also recognize him from films like Morbius, Voyagers, and Catherine Called Birdy.

Freddy Carter being Kaz Brekker

Kaz is the head of the lovable gang of misfits that Shadow and Bone have adopted and named the Crows. Now he is resentful, furious, and severely traumatized. He has spent his entire life in Ketterdam, where he struggles to make ends meet.

Kaz, also known as the Bastard of the Barrel, enters Season 2 with a vendetta to carry out and a crew of devoted, skilled criminal buddies on his side. Wonder Woman and Pennyworth are only two of Carter’s other famous roles.

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Amita Suman will play the role of Inej Ghafa

Inej, known as the Wraith, is one of Kaz’s most valuable assets. Inej is the Crows’ and Kaz’s eyes and ears, thanks to her superhuman stealth and acrobatic circus skills. While her history in the Barrel is murky, she is also one of the most formidable warriors there.

After being chased by the most dangerous criminal in the Barrel, she makes her way into S2. With parts in The Sandman, Doctor Who, and The Outpost, Suman proves she is as impressive as the characters she portrays.

Kit Young being Jesper Fahey

Last season, Young’s excellent sharpshooter was one of the most talked-about and frequently featured in fan cams. Jesper is charming, smooth, and a sharpshooter whose wits are almost as rapid as his bullets. He is the Crows’ main comic relief, bodyguard, and everyday love interest.

While Young is undeniably charming in his breakout role, you may recognize him from his roles in films like The School for Good and Evil and The Origin.

Danielle Galligan will play the role of Nina Zenik

Season 1’s cliffhanger suggested, and readers of the books already know, that Nina’s devastating abilities will place her in the path of several main characters in Season 2. Grisha, who is both upbeat and badass, is a fan favorite because she never backs down.

Despite her many failures, she can’t help but love Matthias, the witch hunter who once detested her. It’s unclear if they’ll ever be back together again.

Matthias Helvar Calahan Skogman

Matthias, Nina’s former flame and a witch hunter, is about to be sent to Shadow and Bone’s harshest prison. In Season 1, we saw him realize that his rigorous religious upbringing had brainwashed him against Grisha and that only Nina’s love could undo that.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Cast

But, he no longer has any affection for her and instead holds her responsible for his detention. Like Galligan, he made his television debut in the first season of Shadow and Bone and will have a more significant role in the second season.

Wylan Hendriks plays Jack Wolfe.

In Season 2, Wylan is the first significant newcomer. In the novels, he plays the role of a young aristocrat recruited by Kaz Brekker to aid the Crows in their plotting. His strengths lie in explosion and demolition, and he has a well-liked story arc with fellow Crow, Jesper.

If you’re a fantasy fan on Netflix and don’t just watch Shadow and Bone, you might have noticed Jack Wolfe in an episode of The Witcher.

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Nikolai Lantsov is Patrick Gibson.

The pirate and privateer Sturmhond is another much-awaited fresh face. But there’s another aspect to the character, as the casting announcement and the character’s official name show.

His true identity is revealed in a thrilling twist at the end of the novel, so we won’t spoil everything here, but suffice it to say that Nikolai will be causing trouble for Alina, Mal, and the country of Ravka. Gibson’s resume is impressive, with films like The OA, The Spanish Princess, and LOTR to his name.

Tolya Yul-Battar is Lewis Tan.

With Nikolai’s entrance, his crew members, including identical twins Tolya and Tamar, will also be introduced. Actor Lewis Tan, known for his roles in Mortal Kombat and Wu Assassins, will play the former.

The massive Tolya is a brave and honorable fighter. His sister is more important to him than his martial arts prowess, and he enjoys poetry and philosophy in his spare time. Both Tolya and Tamar share an unusually close bond with the Sun Summoner.

Instead of Anna Leong Brophy, Tamar Kir-Battar is named Anna Leong Brophy.

Tamar, his already formidable sister, joins Tolya. Tamar, armed with her brother and Alina, is rarely seen without her twin axes. She’s a devoted, hilarious, and formidable opponent.

Even though Tolya will bring Him widespread recognition, he has already appeared in many TV episodes, such as Ragdoll, Traces, The Billion Dollar Code, and others. Her voice was also included in Horizon: Forbidden West, which may seem familiar.

To identify Genya Safin as Daisy Head…

Having helped the Darkling in his quest to subdue and use Alina’s strength, Alina’s former confidante concluded Season 1 on the losing side of history. Genya, however, falls prey to the villain’s manipulation and now regrets what she has done. According to the storylines of the novels, Genya’s position will increase when Season 2 airs.

With credits like Fallen, Wrong Turn, and Underworld: Blood Wars, Head has become a genre celebrity. She will be the film’s mysterious and frightening antagonist in the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons film.

A David portrayed by Luke Pasqualino.

David has a significant role, despite his brief introduction in Season 1. A Grisha with the Durast specialty grants him molecular control over solids. Fans saw this in Season 1 when he designed Alina’s stag collar. Shadow and Bone’s reappearance will strengthen his bond with Genya and profoundly impact where his life goes from here. After making his acting debut in the UK cult series Skins, Pasqualino appeared in films including Snowpiercer and The Borgias.

We can all agree that Sujaya Dasgupta is Zoya Nazyalensky.

The casting of characters like David and Zoya in Shadow and Bone is one of the show’s most intriguing aspects. Both appear to be supporting players, but Dasgupta’s noble Grisha will play a significant role in the sequels and spinoffs. Although she had previously shown unwavering loyalty to the Darkling, by the end of Season 1, she had come to see him for what he was.

Initially shown as a Grisha cruel girl, Zoya has layers that will be revealed in the upcoming season. Her appearances in films like Ghosts, I May Destroy You, Guilt, and Shantaram may be familiar to you.

Baghra is played by Zoë Wanamaker.

She may be the last person on our list, but she is not the least. As General Kirigan’s mother and fighting specialist, Baghra, British acting icon Zoe Wanamaker steps in. You may recognize Wanamaker from other fantastic fantasy series such as Harry Potter and Gormenghast.

A relationship between her and the Darkling was hinted at during the first season but was never explicitly stated. Whatever happened to her when she helped Alina get away from her son is unknown. Wanamaker’s return guarantees that Baghra will appear in Season 2 in some form.

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