Steve O Net Worth: Early Life, Mental Health Struggles & Stand Up Career

Steve-O has established himself as a household figure thanks to his roles in the Jackass films. Steve-O is a multi-talented entertainer who has achieved fame in several fields outside of movies, such as music and stand-up comedy.

As a bonus, you can spot him in several video games. Steve-O is notorious for his extreme and often repulsive pranks and antics, some of which may even be morally dubious.


Steve O Early Life

Steve-O was born in London, England, even though he is an American citizen. Born on June 13th, 1974, he was given the name Stephen Gilchrist Clover by his parents.

His paternal grandparents emigrated from England and the United States to Canada, while his mother was a native of Canada. His father had been working for Pepsi-Cola, and the family had moved to England to be closer to the company.

As a result of his father’s promotion to president of Pepsi-Cola in South America, Steve-O, and his family relocated to Brazil when he was just six months old.

Stephen Clover’s early life in Brazil exposed him to other languages and cultures; he claims that his first words were in Portuguese. During Stephen’s childhood, his family relocated frequently; by the time he was two, they had already taken up residence in Venezuela.

Following this, the young lad learned Spanish and quickly became proficient. Moving to Miami at the tender age of six, he experienced life in the United States for the first time. When he was nine years old, his family relocated back to England, where he would spend barely three years.

After spending three years in his hometown, he traveled to Ontario, Canada, and then returned to London for good. He finally felt settled enough to put down some permanent roots and spend four years at an English high school.

Steve-O attended the University of Miami after finishing high school. Soon after, he failed school and enrolled in a school for clowns. Steve-O became a professional clown and stuntman after three years.

Steve O Breakthrough

Whenever Steve-O was filming a new trick, he’d submit the video to Big Brother, a skating magazine. The recipient of these videos was none other than Jackass’ eventual director, Jeff Tremaine, a fact that Steve-O was blissfully unaware of.

Since Tremaine recognized Steve-talent, O he recruited him to join the Jackass cast. The 2000s saw the premiere of the original MTV series, which ran for three full seasons. Steve-O immediately became a fan favorite, and the concert itself was a smashing success.

When you look at the history of Jackass, you can’t separate it from the actions of other famous Jackass people. In 1999, for instance, Bam Margera, a famous skateboarder, released a video called CKY in which he filmed himself pranking his family and executing stunts (Camp Kill Yourself).

One of the earliest creators of the Jackass format was Johnny Knoxville, who at the time was using various self-defense tools and weapons to defend himself.

The success of Jackass led to several imitations and sequels being made almost immediately. The film adaptation, Jackass: The Movie, came out of the series quite swiftly. The picture added Steve-O to its cast, and it made nearly $80 million worldwide on a budget of under $5 million.

Jackass 2 made about $85 million at the box office against an initial investment of only $11.5 million. For its $20 million production cost, the third and last Jackass film, Jackass 3D, brought in about $172 million worldwide. There were even more Jackass movies that were spinoffs, such as Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, Jackass 2.5, and Jackass 3.5.

A possible solo career was something Steve-O was considering as early as 2001. Don’t Try This At Home, his debut solo DVD, was published that year.

Wildboyz was a spin-off of Jackass in which he starred alongside Chris Pontius. In this new series, Steve-O and Pontius explore the globe and meet fascinating new people and animals along the way. The performance was a huge hit with the audience.

Steve-O Net Worth

Comedian, stuntman, and TV personality Steve-O is worth $4 million. He is of British and American descent.

Downward Spiral

Steve-dependency O’s on drugs and alcohol persisted throughout his rise to fame. His mental health suffered first as a result of his drug addiction. Steve-O was likewise prone to breaking the law.

Steve-O was first arrested in 2002 on violence and obscenity charges. Steve-O was arrested in Sweden for drug smuggling during his European tour with Bam Margera. There were subsequent arrests.

After being wrongly diagnosed with a rare heart ailment in 2006, Steve-drug O’s addiction escalated. When Steve-O got drunk and agitated on air, he was routinely booted from live shows.

When Steve-O wrote an email to his buddies hinting that he was considering suicide, the downward spiral had reached a perilous point.

Steve O Net Worth
Steve O Net Worth

Mental Health Struggles

Steve-O was hospitalized for 14 days in 2008 due to his suicidal tendencies. In the same year, he admitted to having cocaine in his possession, which is a felony.

By entering a recovery program, he was able to avoid incarceration. He had been sober for nearly three months before he relapsed and checked himself into a psychiatric hospital. Later in life, Steve-O admitted that his drug use had severely impaired his mental health.

Steve O Stand Up Career

In 2010, Steve-O started doing stand-up comedy. He announced a follow-up North American tour the following year after his first one was so successful. Afterward, he performed in many of Australia’s major cities. His debut stand-up special hit shelves in 2016. TheActiveNews.Com is the place to go if you want to read more articles like this one.

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