Tami Roman Husband: Why Did She Let Him Have Kids With Other Women?

Tami Roman Husband: When it comes to her husband’s possible future wish to start a family, Tami Roman is a very forward-thinking partner. During a public appearance, the 51-year-old actress of Basketball Wives disclosed that she and husband Reggie Youngblood have put their surrogacy plans “on pause” so that she may focus on her work.

However, Roman added that she is fine with Youngblood and her taking a “break” so that he may “go find someone to have a child with.” This article explains in detail why Tami Roman husband was legally able to have a child with another woman.

Tami Roman Husband Could Have Child With Another Woman

Tami Roman and Reggie Youngblood, her husband for the past five years, recently celebrated their anniversary. However, the couple has not been able to start a family in the past five years. The fact that Tami Roman husband has been offered the choice to have a kid with another woman recently made headlines. However, everyone is curious as to the cause of this.

Tami believes that her career is really beginning to take off and repay her for all of her hard work and time spent in the industry and that having a baby at this time would be a mistake. However, Roman’s ex-husband Kenny Anderson is the father of their two girls.

Juicy Tea Uncensored posted an official tweet with regard to Tami Roman husband.

Tami’s proposal to Reggie was to take a break for a year or two so that he might find a woman with whom he could have a baby. He could have the baby, and then they may try to get back together.

In response to Beauvais and Houghton’s shock at this news, Roman clarified that while she doesn’t want to have the baby, she would help raise it. She is unwilling to get her eggs and other related items. Since her spouse is an only child with no descendants, this is more about providing for his legacy than anything else.

Tami Roman Husband Could Have Child With Another Woman
Tami Roman Husband Could Have Child With Another Woman

Tami answered yes when asked if the birth mother would be included in the parenting plan. She insisted that, even if the parents aren’t together, the time is crucial for the development of the child. The parents need to work on their co-parenting skills. Then they may be present for the child and care for them as if they were their own.

Roman, who will be seen with her former cast members from The Real World: Los Angeles in the upcoming sequel, The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles, took quickly to clarify that Youngblood might have an adulterous child with one woman, but that she would not entertain any other men.

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She has always made it clear that she is a one-penis lady, so even if the pair were to go on a break, she wouldn’t sleep with anybody else while her spouse was still around. She’s merely allowing him the chance to go ahead and start a family.

However, Youngblood wasn’t into this modern concept. He has denied any interest in that direction. He has asserted that he will not have kids with another woman until it’s Tami because he loves her completely.

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