Tawny Cypress Yellowjackets: How the Yellowjackets Stars Are Different to Today’s Young Actors

They may not be real-life plane crash survivors, but these actresses have risen through the ranks in a competitive industry.

As teenagers and young adults, the Yellowjackets actresses have been working in the entertainment industry.

Recent interviews with the four have revealed their feelings of extreme anxiety about making it in Hollywood.

To be an award-winning star, one must appear thin and sexy while projecting the image of a cool girl.

Christina remembered being categorized as “quirky” in the ’90s, noting that it was one of the two categories actresses were categorized into at the time.

The Hollywood Reporter’s cover story on the Yellowjackets stars quoted her as saying, “If you weren’t the leading-lady ingenue, then you were quirky and offbeat.”

There’s a fine line between being a “quirky” supporting character and being the star, according to the actresses.

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Because, as Christina explained, “Character actress’ used to be something they used to describe an ugly woman,” even though the women weren’t opposed to playing a supporting role, the people around them were always apprehensive.

According to the Addams Family Values star: “They were terrified that I wouldn’t be a leading lady and thus wouldn’t be attractive to men. I never wanted anyone to be attracted to me in the first place.”

There is a lot of pressure on Juliette as well, but she was compelled to do the opposite of what she was told. A photoshoot in which she was forced to do what people expected of her made her cry.

The doe-eyed looks are a must for them, she explained. As a result, “I didn’t do anything like that in pictures, so I always looked slightly insane,” she said.

When she was cast in smaller roles, Melanie was able to avoid some of the harsher criticism that some of her co-stars endured. Her favorite role in Coyote Ugly was as Piper Perabo’s friend, and she reflected on it by saying,

“When Piper, who is one of the world’s coolest and most intelligent women, came under scrutiny for what she ate and how she looked,

she was a little taken aback. All of the girls had to adhere to a strict diet and exercise regimen. It was completely absurd.”

Melanie was still subjected to criticism for the way she presented herself, of course. Candace said she was told to wear Spanx and contour her face in order to make her appear thinner, even though she was only a size four.

There was a constant stream of people telling Melanie that she was “not beautiful,” she said. So much of your early twenties revolves around beauty, how people perceive you, and whether or not they want to have sex with you.

Due to the lack of options she had as an up-and-coming African-American actress in the early 2000s, Tawny had an entirely different experience than her Yellowjackets colleagues.

In an interview, she said, “I’ve spent my entire career playing the sassy one on the side.”To be honest, I always wanted to be an ingenue as a child actor.”

Tawny Cypress Yellowjackets

In Yellowjackets, the actresses who play the characters from the ’90s are fiercely protective of their younger counterparts.

There is one thing I always want to tell young people: cultivate other interests deeply so that you’re not getting all your life’s blood from this industry, or your self-worth,” Juliette stated.

Showtime has made the first season of Yellowjackets available for viewing online. If you read more posts so you can visit TheActiveNews.Com.

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