Is Detective Robert Nock Based On A Real Person?

No. Detective Nock is a false name given to him by author Graham Moore, who named him in honor of a former roommate. “We can see how a normal person, not a wicked person, may end up committing this terrible thing to Alan by looking at him from a different angle.

Instead of portraying Alan as a tragic figure whose life was cut short by tragedy, we chose to tell his narrative from the point of view of a fictional investigator named Nock.

Turing was the victim of an atrocity that was neither his fault nor deserving of sympathy; the unfairness of what happened to him must be confronted by all of us.” Only Robert Nock has a fictitious name in the film.

Did the Police Uncover Turing’s Homosexuality While Investigating Him for Being a Possible Soviet Spy?

No, this is what I mean. The true narrative of The Imitation Game is greatly exaggerated in the film. Alan Turing’s true identity was not examined as a Soviet agent.

Not a neighbor who heard noises, but Turing himself had called the police to report petty larceny. To hide a relationship he had with the suspect, Arnold Murray, 19, he altered his tale. Instead of espionage as depicted in the film, the police immediately focused on Turing’s homosexual relationship with Murray, which was a violation of the law of gross indecency. -The Observer

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Was Alan Turing Put On Trial For Being Gay?

Yes. On March 31, 1952, British authorities put Alan Turing on trial for indecency because he had sex with a 19-year-old man, Arnold Murray, who was twenty years his junior. During the early 1950s, homosexuality was illegal in Great Britain because it was categorized as gross indecency under Section 11 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885.

The estrogen (stilboestrol) injections Turing received over a year were intended to suppress his libido to keep him out of jail following his indecency conviction. As a side effect of the hormone medication, Turing developed gynecomastia, or an expanded chest, as a result of the treatment (breasts).

A year after the conclusion of his hormone treatment, Turing committed suicide by eating an apple that had been poisoned with the poisoned variety. We say “likely” because the apple was never tested for cyanide, though it was speculated that this was the delivery method. The Enigma of Alan Turing

After hearing of Alan Turing’s indecency conviction and suicide, the general public became familiar with his name. For years, people didn’t know that he was also a major factor in defeating the Nazis.

Was Alan Turing’s Codebreaking Machine Really Named Christopher?

No. The Imitation Game’s genuine narrative indicates that the name of the real codebreaking computer was less personal. Unlike the movie, it was not named Christopher after Turing’s late friend and first love, teenage companion Christopher Morcom (Morcom was a real teenage acquaintance that Alan met at Sherborne School) (Morcom was a real teenage friend who Alan met at Sherborne School).

Instead, Turing’s machine was called the Bombe, named after an earlier Polish version of the codebreaking machine. Like in the movie, Turing constructed a significantly improved version of the Polish machine.

The U.S. later manufactured its analogs, although they were engineered differently than the British Bombe created by Alan Turing and his team.

Did Alan’s Friend Christopher Die Suddenly Of Bovine Tuberculosis?

Yes. Christopher Morcom and Alan Turing met in real life at Sherborne School in Dorset, England when Alan was a student and a youngster.

They became excellent friends because of their shared love of science and math (not codes and ciphers). As a tiny child, Morcom, who was a year older, acquired bovine tuberculosis from consuming infected cow’s milk and died unexpectedly.

The headmaster, on the other hand, did not inform Turing coldly and callously that Morcom had died on February 13th, 1930, after the fact. That day,

Turing had received a note from the junior housemaster stating that he should prepare for the worst. Turing, on the other hand, did not pretend that he had only met Morcom once or twice.

Turing’s real-life friends and family were aware of his grief, and he even grew close to the Morcom family after Morcom’s death. the enigma that is Alan Turing

Was Alan’s Attraction To Christopher A Mutual Attraction?

That’s quite unlikely. Andrew Hodges’ biography suggests that Christopher is not attracted to Alan, despite the film’s depiction. Despite Alan’s fear of Christopher’s remarks about the coincidence, he noted that Christopher “seemed to welcome me passively” when he made it a point to seat beside him in every class.

On another occasion, Hodges describes Christopher’s lack of interest in Alan; he says that Christopher began to take Alan seriously over time, but with “great caution.” Even though Chris was aware of Alan’s affections, Alan writes that he “hated me showing it,” implying that Alan’s love for him was not reciprocated. the enigma that is Alan Turing

Did Turing Come Up With The Design For The Codebreaking Machine On His Own?

No. It’s important to note that, contrary to popular belief, Alan Turing did not come up with the upgraded Bombe machine design on his own.

Turing worked with a mathematician named Gordon Welchman, who is never mentioned in the movie. -Alan Turing, renowned computer scientist:

Did Alan Turing’s codebreaking machine look like the one in the movie?

Yes, in the main. A Bakelite box contained the true code-deciphering machine, the Bombe. Designer Maria Djurkovic studied the functional replica at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, England, with her team of researchers.


We needed a version of our computer that was convincing,” explains Djurkovic. Morten Tyldum, the film’s director, decided to let the audience see inside the machine. The audience was also given the impression that blood was pumping through its veins by the addition of more crimson cables.

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