Thirteen Lives Cast: Fantastic Performance of the Entire Cast in This Film

Divers worked to free 12 boys and their football coach from a flooded cave system in Thailand during the 2018 Tham Luang cave rescue, which was dramatized in the film Thirteen Lives.

Viggo Mortensen (Colin Farrell), Colin Farrell (Joel Egerton), and Joel Egerton (Viggo Mortensen) star in a film based on the real-life divers Rick Stanton, John Volanthen, and Harry Harris.

During a press conference, the actors and director Ron Howard discussed their experiences filming the drama, including the film’s diving scenes.


Did the Stars Dive in the Movie?

Thirteen Lives’ cast learned to dive for the film, and they did so for long periods in a set designed to look like the real Tham Luang cave system, which was built specifically for the film.

For his recreation, Howard accompanied Stanton, Volanthen, and Jason Mallinson (played by Paul Gleeson in the film) to the real cave, where the divers described the parts of the cave that they found particularly challenging.

Set pieces that Howard had reworked were then flooded so that the actors could dive through them.
During an interview, Egerton was asked if he had ever felt fear or anxiety while scuba diving “The fact that we were going through these stages even though.

I was a relatively inexperienced diver, or rather a complete novice gave me pause. [It’s] all thanks to Rick, Jason, and the Australian Navy guys who helped us navigate these incredibly tight pinch points with side-mount tanks and a tonne of kit.

“Then, we began to realize that we would have to replicate the rescue of the young boys and the coach,

navigate the same kinds of Aspens and tight spots, and carry a stuntman who was acting unconsciously to replicate the rescue of the young boys and the coach, and then, beyond that, occasionally attach camera equipment to us so that we could get certain shots.

“Even though I was carrying a stunt person and all the equipment, and a camera was mounted to my chest for a close-up shot

, I felt a little overwhelmed at one point and realized how important it is for everyone to put their safety first to understand the rational and calm psyche or the attitude of an extreme cave diver.

“This was a controlled environment where people could come and help and extract us and ask if we were alright at any given moment.

“What if you were doing that at a distance of a kilometer or more into a cave, with only your dive buddy and yourself to help you through any difficult situations?

As a result, I was reminded of the importance of staying alert and looking out for one another.”

A few times, Mortensen said, “You thought, ‘Oh my God! What have I done? What have I gotten myself into?'”

One such scene was described by the Lord of the Rings star in the following terms: “While Rick and Jason were demonstrating how to imitate them, they also reminded me to keep my breathing calm and controlled at all times.

“As a result, they may dive for several miles at a time, and while you don’t want to exhaust your air supply,

the more nervous you become, the shallower your breathing becomes, and the more air you use. Another reason to practice deep breathing is to keep your cool when things go wrong or get a little hairy.

In many places, you had to wiggle to get through; other times, you had to remove your tank and push it through, then reapply it while still submerged so as not to lose contact with the air; all of this had to be done calmly.

Even though we had two tanks, [they’d tell us] to remain calm and not panic if something went wrong with one.

As soon as you freak out and swallow some water, no one can get to you fast enough, even though it’s a movie and you’re in this place.

“There are valves in those places, and when I was attempting to squeeze one of my tanks through the pinch point, it abruptly shut off.

“I was like, ‘f**k no air,’ and I said, ‘okay, remember what Rick said,’ so please pardon my profanity. When I remembered what Rick had told me, I calmly tried to get over here and switch to the other mouthpiece, remembering what he had said.

It took what seemed like an eternity, but it wasn’t, but I got it done, and then I was able to get through this difficult situation.

“But there was a brief moment when my heart was racing. Things like that may have occurred to the other players as well, so that’s what I’m saying. Things like tight bends and other such obstacles can snag your gear.”

Did the Cast Meet the People They Were Playing?

It was a great opportunity for all of us to get to know each other better during our first two weeks of quarantine in our hotel rooms, as well as for us to speak with our characters and do some research on the actual event that took place some years [ago].

The technical aspect of it was nerve-wracking, but we gained some comfort over time because familiarity breeds comfort,

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but we were newbies and we were all just incredibly attentive because, again, because of the importance and the beauty of the story,

Thirteen Lives Cast

we’re telling them because we knew like you’re never going to become a master at anything doing what we do.

It’s a good idea to have some kind of reference points or touchstones that you can refer to, and so we just leaned into [it].

” We couldn’t have done it without the help of Rick Stanton and Jason Mallinson.” Being able to ask the two guys on set, like, ‘What did you think here?’ and having them there as a reference made me feel more at ease.

Whenever that happens, do you recall the date? Who’s going first? What happened after that?’

Not only during the dive but also at night when the village outside the cave quiets down and they go to bed and ‘did they sleep?’ and what about sleep? And did they wake up screaming?’

We were able to probe deeply into their personal and psychological lives by asking them a wide range of personal and psychological questions, which I found to be crucial to the story’s realism. As a result, I’m extremely thankful. If you read more posts like this so you can visit TheActivenews.Com.

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