Tiffany Chen Pregnant: is She the Mother of Robert De Niro’s Child?

Robert De Niro, a Hollywood legend, surprised the world by announcing the birth of his seventh child—at the age of 79. It was said that the Goodfellas actor made the announcement while promoting his most recent film, “About My Father.”

The idea that De Niro fathered six children with his exes was debunked by the actor on May 9 during an interview about parenting. The actor replied matter-of-factly, “Seven; actually, I recently had a baby.”

De Niro’s longstanding girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, has been widely reported to be the presumed but unproven mother of the actor’s seventh kid. After De Niro divorced Grace Hightower, his second wife, he had a lengthy and committed relationship with Chen.

Tiffany Chen Pregnant

There is a 51-year gap between his eldest and youngest child. The actor also discussed his approach to parenting, revealing how he uses his “love language” to strike a balance between being a kind and authoritative figure.

In an interview, the actor was quoted as saying:

“With kids, there really is no getting around it. I dislike having to enforce the law and other such things. But occasionally, you’re left with no choice and I believe that any parent would agree. Even while you always want to act in the best interests of the kids and give them the benefit of the doubt, you sometimes can’t.”

It is currently unknown whether Tiffany Chen is the mother of Robert De Niro’s infant child. When we receive confirmation, we will inform you.

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