Who Are Tim Duncan Kids? Exploring His Legacy Off-Court!!

Tim Duncan, a former basketball player in the league, is well-known in the industry. He is regarded as one of the greatest players in NBA history and the best power forward of all time. In his basketball career, he has achieved success and received accolades.

Even though he has been in the public eye because of his career, but his fans are curious to know about his children. Everything there is to know about his children will be covered in this post.


Who Are Tim Duncan’s Children?

Tim Duncan is a father full-time. With two different ladies, he has three kids. He has a son, Draven Duncan, and two gorgeous daughters, Sydney Duncan and Quill Duncan.

Who Are Tim Duncan’s Children
Who Are Tim Duncan’s Children

Sydney and Draven were born out of his union with Amy Sherrill, while Quill was the result of his liaison with Vanessa Macias.

Look at the tweet below in which Tim Duncan be seen with his children.

Let’s go into every aspect of Tim Duncan’s kids  in the following paragraphs:

Sydney Duncan

Tim Duncan and his ex-wife Amy Sherrill have one child, Sydney Duncan, who is the oldest. In 2005, Sydney entered the world. As of now, she is 17 years old. She has not yet provided any information on her education, but given her age, it appears that she is still in school.

Sydney Duncan hasn’t started a career yet. She has never been in a serious relationship and is also single. Sydney is acting out her roles as the eldest child of her parents and as a big sister to her siblings. Her parents are watching over her while she goes about her daily activities.

Draven Duncan

The sole son of Tim Duncan and Amy Sherrill is named Draven Duncan. 2007 saw the welcoming of Draven. As of now, he will be 15 years old. His academic background has been kept secret from the public. He has never been in a relationship and is single. He doesn’t have a job and has a long way to go before he can start working and supporting himself.

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Quill Duncan

The youngest of Tim Duncan’s children is Quill Duncan. She was born in 2017. Tim Duncan and his fiancée Vanessa Macias are her parents. The character Quill from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” inspired her given name. In addition, she was given the name Quill since her mother enjoys writing, just like a quill pen. No information is available regarding Quill’s education.

Is It True That Tim Duncan Is Not The Father Of His Two Children?

Tim Duncan’s two children from his marriage to Amy Sherrill, Sydney Duncan and Draven Duncan, are allegedly not his biological offspring. News outlets leaked some documents from Tim Duncan and Amy Sherrill’s divorce in 2013 that showed the two children were not Tim Duncan’s biological offspring.

Sydney Duncan and Draven Duncan are most likely the offspring of Robert Horry, Tim Duncan’s former San Antonio Spurs colleague and seven-time champion. As there is no supporting or opposing evidence, this is merely guesswork.

In 2013, Amy Sherrill requested a divorce, and it was claimed that Tim Duncan thought she was having an extramarital affair. Tim hired a private detective to keep an eye on Amy because he thought she was cheating on him. Their marriage was described as insupportable due to discord and conflict.

After it was claimed that Amy Sherrill had been having se*ual connections with her personal trainer, she accused Tim Duncan of being g@y and having homose*ual encounters with other men. Tim Duncan reportedly acknowledged that he is aware that Sydney and Draven are not his biological offspring after the birth of his daughter Quill Duncan.

Hoop Movement posted an official tweet which states that Tim Duncan’s ex wife Amy Duncan fuels bisexual rumors which led to divorce.

Tim Duncan also remarked that his children are the main reason he stayed with Amy for such a long time and that he still loves them dearly. In addition, he mentioned the relationship between Tony Parker and teammate Brent Barry’s wife as one of the reasons he was not as open about his personal life.

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