Today Show Cast: Who Are The Nine Actor & Actresses In The Today Show Cast?

Today Show Cast: Who Are The Nine Actors & Actresses In The Today Show Cast? On January 14, 1952, The Today Showed the first broadcast for two hours in the morning. The show, hosted by Dave Garroway, combined serious national news with lighter news and lifestyle segments and even had a chimpanzee mascot named J. Fred Muggs.

Sundays were added in 1987, and then in 1992, Today began airing on Saturdays. In 2000, the show aired for three hours during the week; by 2007, it was broadcasting for its current four-hour block. Before the late ’80s, Today had no real competition against Good Morning America. With Katie Couric at the helm in 1995, it reclaimed the number one slot and held onto it until 2012, when GMA once again surpassed it and maintained its position.

Matt Lauer (20 years), Katie Couric (15), Bryant Gumbel (15), and Jane Pauley (20 years) are the Today hosts with the longest tenure (13 years). Barbara Walters was a regular on the show for almost a decade (1966-1976).


The Today Show cast

Today Show Cast
Today Show Cast
  1. Savannah Guthrie — co-anchor (2012- Present)
  2. Hoda Kotb — co-anchor / Today With Hoda & Jenna (2018-Present / 2008-Present)
  3. Al Roker — weather anchor (1996-Present)
  4. Craig Melvin — news anchor (2018-Present)
  5. Carson Daly — social media anchor (2013-Present)
  6. Jenna Bush — correspondent / Today With Hoda & Jenna (2009-Present / 2019-Present)
  7. Natalie Morales — West Coast anchor (2011-Present)
  8. Dylan Dreyer — co-host 3rd Hour Today (2012-Present)
  9. Sheinelle Jones —  co-host 3rd Hour Today (2014-Present)

Savannah Guthrie

Because of her regular appearances on the Today Show, Savannah Guthrie’s devoted fan base likely has many questions regarding her private life. Viewers want to know if the talk show host is married. The 48-year-old journalist is married to a prosperous businessman named Michael Feldman. Keep reading to find out who Savannah married! Must readJane The Virgin Cast: Who Are The Six Actors & Actresses In The Jane the Virgin Cast?

Today Show Cast

Hoda Kotb

Viewers of NBC’s Today show miss Hoda Kotb terribly. Despite being on maternity leave since April 2019, Hoda announced on August 20 that she would be back on Today on September 3—right after Labor Day! Here is the recent post on Hoda Kotb on their social media platform.

Al Roker

Due to his weekday appearances on Today, Al Roker’s private life is often the subject of speculation. In particular, viewers are interested in learning more about the journalist’s life. Could you tell me if he has any family life? Is he married? How about his paternity status? Some fans are curious as to whether or not the NBC actress has a child with special needs.

Craig Melvin

Once a coworker caught the new coronavirus, The Today Show adopted some preventative steps as the number of cases of COVID-19 increased. Al Roker and Craig Melvin, co-hosts of The Today Show’s third hour, decided to self-quarantine to protect themselves and their colleagues. You can check their Craig Melvin twitter, given below.

Craig has returned to his family of wife and two children at their home. Calvin claims he is in good health and experiencing no symptoms despite his current situation, which involves being indoors and away from the public. He added that he is making the most of his downtime by spending quality time with his wife, Lindsay Czarniak, who has garnered media attention in her own right.

Carson Daly

Carson Daly has been a familiar face on television for quite some time since his breakout appearance on TRL. Over the years, his two major TV roles likely netted him a tidy fortune.

Jenna Bush

The two hosts of The Today Show’s fourth hour have been MIA all summer, and they’re both expecting babies for the same fantastic reason!

Dylan Dreyer

It’s no secret that Dylan Dreyer, one of the show’s most recognizable co-hosts, earns a healthy salary from NBC for her time on Today. The meteorologist is well-liked by viewers and frequently appears as a co-host on various shows.

Sheinelle Jones

Sheinelle Jones was initially exposed to a broad audience on Weekend Today in 2014. The journalist, who previously worked at news stations in Tulsa and Philadelphia, is now a co-anchor on the weekend morning show. Sheinelle has been an indispensable part of the Today show over the years and currently hosts the show’s third hour each weekday.

Is There A live Broadcast Of The Today Show?

The show airs live on NBC weekday mornings from 7 to 11 a.m. Eastern time and on tape delay in other time zones of the United States. On Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. EST, you may see Weekend Today.

Tutorial On How To Watch Today

Live streaming of The Today Show is available on and Hulu with Live TV. You can catch up on missed episodes of The Today Show by downloading the app. Sign up for free tickets to see Hoda & Jenna on Today here if you want to watch the show live.

The Rockefeller Plaza location of the studio allows viewers to view the show from the plaza itself. Also, Read Young Sheldon Season 6 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Spoilers, Teaser, And More

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