Has Tom Brady Undergone Plastic Surgery? Unraveling The Speculations!!

Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has allegedly undergone plastic surgery to attempt and change the way his face looks, as noticed by many NFL and celebrity news enthusiasts. Although he maintains that his appearance is natural, the NFL legend has never stated that this is the case.

Brady has previously indicated that he adheres to a very tight food regimen that is plant-based and highly high in protein. People started to speculate that Brady had plastic surgery when he missed 11 days of a training camp and people assumed that was the cause of his absence.

Tom Brady Plastic Surgery
Tom Brady Plastic Surgery

He may have used botox injections, but that would be too little time for major plastic surgery recovery. In the words that follow we have discussed what type of plastic surgery did Tom Brady had.

What Plastic Surgery Did Tom Brady Had?

Brady’s facial structure, as of 2001, when he was 24 years old, had a Frontotemporal Recession and his eyebrows are regarded as highly distinct, an excellent aesthetic in men.

It has also been emphasized that Brady’s upper eyelids and the fact that his nasolabial angle was 90 degrees is a typical trait in men. One of his fan said on Twitter, “Tom Brady starting to look like a Real Housewife with all that plastic surgery.”

Take a peek at the Twitter post by one of Tom Brady’s fan which we have mentioned above.

Brady had a robust jaw structure, a small philtrum with complete dental show, and a unique chin cleft with a Y-shaped dimple in the middle. Brady had a high brow ridge due to which it is speculated that feminization surgery was performed on him.

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Some admirers does not believe that Brady had any Botox injections at the age of 36 because the wrinkles on his head would look different if he had, and that he believes Brady’s lips are natural rather than filled. As he entered his 40s, he also started to lose cheek fat, which is also a sign of ageing.

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