Who Is Tommy Paul’s Wife? Discovering Whether He Is Married Or Not!

Tommy Paul is a well-known name in the world of professional tennis and hails from the United States. On August 14, 2023, Paul achieved his career-high ATP singles rating of World No. 14, and on September 12, 2022, he achieved his career-high ATP doubles ranking of No. 99.

Paul possesses a potent attacking forehand, solid footwork along the baseline, and an agility that allows him to get to the net quickly. On clay courts, he has been successful as a result of everything.

The 2015 French Open boys’ singles tournament was won by Paul after he prevailed against his fellow American Taylor Fritz. Additionally, he competed in the final of the boys’ singles event at the 2015 US Open, where he was ultimately beaten by Fritz. In this post, we will tell you everything there is to know about Tommy Paul’s wife, and we won’t leave anything out.

Does Tommy Paul Have A Wife?

To answer your question, Tommy Paul does not currently have a wife; however, he does have a girlfriend. Paige Lorenze, who is an entrepreneur and an influencer on many social media platforms, is presently d@ting Tommy Paul.

Check out the Twitter post below which confirms that Paige Lorenzo is the girlfriend of Tommy Paul.

She is the person who first started the American dairy company known as Dairy Boy. Kiki Passo, who is also influential on social media, was Paul’s ex-girlfriend at one point. Both the beginning and the end of his relationship with Passo were kept under wraps, since neither of them commented on the situation in any public forum.

Before relocating to New York to attend Parsons School of Design, Lorenze spent her childhood in the states of Connecticut and Vermont. She received her degree in 2021 and immediately began a successful career in social media, where she worked as a model, content developer, and influencer.

Does Tommy Paul Have A Wife
Does Tommy Paul Have A Wife

It is unknown precisely when Lorenze and Paul began d@ting, but by the fall of 2022, they had made their relationship known to their followers on various social media platforms. Paul uploaded a carousel on his Instagram account around the beginning of October 2022 and captioned it “Photos by P.” The final picture was one of the two of them laughing and smiling together.

The next month after that, Lorenze posted a clip of them together on Instagram with the caption, “@tommypaull super fan.” The clip begins with Lorenze and Paul exchanging a warm embrace before showing them walking down the street with their arms around one another.

Take a look at the Instagram reel posted by Paige Lorenze below.


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Although Lorenze is not a professional athlete in the same sense that Paul is, she does have an amazing athletic background. She received her schooling and expertise in alpine skiing at Burke Mountain Academy, a prestigious boarding school in Vermont that is located in the Green Mountains.

In order to show her support for her boyfriend’s professional endeavors, Lorenze often accompanies Paul on his travels to his matches. Additionally, she assists him behind the scenes. After his match at the Mexican Open, Paul congratulated his crew, particularly Lorenze, and then recounted a humorous incident from before the game.

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There is not much of a difference in Tommy and Paige Lorenze’s relationship. Due to the couple’s involvement on several social media platforms, their admirers have deduced that they are a thing. It is quite clear that the two are engaging in a love relationship, despite the fact that they have not yet disclosed this information in any official capacity.

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