Twitch Divorce: Announced That He Is Now Free

Twitch Divorce: Amouranth (real name Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa) has garnered a six million strong fan base because of her hot tub streams on Twitch and Only Fans. She streamed her alleged ordeal at the hands of the man she calls her husband on Twitter and Twitch.

Amouranth claims that her husband is mismanaging their cash and orders her to “leave the house” before making threats against the family pets. In a new post, though, she claims the abuse has persisted for years and declares her independence. We are talking about here Twitch Divorce.

I’m excited to be on my own and optimistic about the future. She reportedly said, “I hope the pets are doing good,” as was reported by Kotaku. I think it was until he heard his voice that he realized what an absolute a****** he is.

My access to my bank accounts has been promptly reinstated. He’s not here because he’s receiving medical attention, and I’m seeing a counselor and an attorney for myself. Several people have offered me housing and/or legal representation. Read About Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth

Amouranth has never revealed any information about her husband to the general public, hence his identity remains a mystery. Amouranth had previously stated in a video that her husband forced her to pretend to be unmarried while working as a hot tub streamer. You are reading here Twitch Divorce.

According to her therapist, “I’m virtually living in a luxurious prison,” and “it’s a type of emotional abuse.” In the video, Siragusa can be heard saying, “You want me to tell them that I’m single, it’s about to be genuine.”

They say he threatened to leave her with “only $1 million” if she went to court. Siragusa’s ex-spouse allegedly made threats to “burn” all of their money and “get it all encrypted” in court. The host states that her husband’s phone number serves as her two-factor authentication for all of her online accounts.

 If you’re about to do something to your animals, you’re “kept there by the terror and threats,” as Siragusa puts it. Amouranth is shown on the final tape purportedly reading her husband’s abusive text texts aloud.

In the messages, he insults her intelligence, calling her a “dumb f***” and threatening to throw her suitcases and “stupid stuff” off the balcony. The streaming service debuted as a children’s media firm in 2016. She was approached by Twitch with an offer to join their platform and broadcast herself making costumes in real-time. Must Read About Mr Money Mustache Divorce

She then began uploading videos of herself dancing and live-streaming from a hot pool, and within a year she had amassed 5.8 million followers. She joined OnlyFans not long after, and now she’s pulling in over $1.5 million every month.

Twitch Divorce

Nonetheless, in April of 2022, she announced that she was leaving OnlyFans to devote her time solely to Twitch. In 2022, she was named the best ASMR streamer by The Streamer Award. Sportskeeda estimates that she has amassed a net worth of $4 million thanks to her work on Twitch and other ventures she has undertaken on her own. Read More About Lysa Terkeurst Divorce

In 2022, she took home The Streamer Award for Best ASMR Streamer. Other sources estimates that she has amassed a net worth of $4 million thanks to her work on Twitch and other ventures she has undertaken on her own. You can check out for the latest information.