Vanitas Season 2 release date: Vanitas no Carte Season 2 predictions

Season 2 of The Case Study of Vanitas will have an unannounced studio and cast.

Studio Bones produced the first season of the anime TV series. In addition to Godzilla: Singular Point and Sk8 The Infinity, Studio Bones will release in 2021 Godzilla: Singular Point and Sk8 The Infinity (a sequel has been announced, but it is unclear whether it will be a new season or a movie).

A through E stand for the several studios that make up the business.

Season 6 of My Hero Academia will air in 2021. Studio C was in charge of filming the My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission movie. This season’s Mob Psycho 100 anime will be produced by Studio B, the company behind the first two seasons.

After completing Godzilla Singular Point, Bones Studio A moved on to work on the Vanitas anime.

Tomoyuki Itamura was the director of the Vanitas anime. The anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica hired him as an episode director after he directed Monogatari (Magia Record Season 2 and Madoka Magica movie 4: Walpurgis no Kaiten were both confirmed in 2021).

The series’ theme song was composed by Hitomi Mieno, the show’s writer. Noragami is the anime series she is best known for. Aside from these recent projects, she has also worked on The Dungeon of Black Company, Assassin’s Pride, and Pokemon Journeys. Tanmoshi: The Detective Is Already Dead is her most recent work.

Animators Yoshiyuki Itou and Tomoyo Nakayama were both character designers, with the latter also serving as the primary animation director for Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater. Sword Art Online’s soundtrack was composed by Yuki Kajiura, who is most known for her work on the anime series Aldnoah. Zero and the manga series Fate/stay night.

The music for the Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 OP and ED theme songs has not yet been revealed.

It was LMYK who sang the ED, “Zero,” and “Sora to Utsuro” for the first season of The Case Study in Vanitas. When it comes to music, Little Glee Monsters performed the OP “Your Name,” while MONONKVL performed the ED “Salvation.”.

The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 release date maybe a few months away, but the wait wasn’t too terrible.

Vanitas part 2 was published on January 14, 2022, during the Winter 2022 anime season, after Vanitas was revealed to be taking a three-month sabbatical from broadcasting.

vanitas season 2
vanitas season 2

What exactly is a split court? As a refresher, “cour” is a three-month block of TV programming based on the physical seasons, which typically consists of 10 to 13 episodes.

There are times when a single season of an anime is split into two separate seasons, which is known as “split-cour”. Re: ZERO Season 2 Part 2, Moriarty the Patriot, Part 2, Re: ZERO Season 2, Mushoku Tensei, and Attack On Titan Season 4 (Shingeko no Kyojin’s last anime story arc isn’t called Attack On Titan Season 5).

Occasionally, a split-court anime series will name the second portion as a second season, but this is extremely rare. Even though 86 Part 2 was planned, as the first part ended, it was stated that the continuation would be 86 Season 2.

There is no need to include The Case Study of Vanitas Part 2 in the first season because all 24 episodes have been numbered. This season will be a 24-episode series that will be released in eight Blu-Ray/DVDs, according to the official website.

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The first episode of the anime’s first season aired in the summer of 2021. Released September 18, 2021, is the season-ending episode of The Case Study of Vanitas.

Jan. 14, 2021, was the publication date for the Case Study of Vanitas Episode 13. As a result, on April 1, 2022, the series conclusion, The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 24, was broadcast.

  • Updated February 26, 2022: Added Part 2 key visual for the new story arc.
  • Updated December 22, 2021: Added new Part 2 trailer and OP/ED info.
  • Updated December 3, 2021: The Case Study of Vanitas Part 2 release date is confirmed for January 14, 2022.
  • Updated September 17, 2021: Part 2 is confirmed for Winter 2022.
  • Updated August 6, 2021: Added The Case Study of Vanitas dub release date info.


Vanitas English dub release date

FUNimation and Hulu both had the first season available for viewing with English subtitles (not Netflix Japan or Crunchyroll). Vanitas’s dub cast is included in FUNimation’s The Case Study:

  • Stephen Fu as Noe
  • Zeno Robinson as Vanitas
  • Marianne Bray as Murr
  • Ian Sinclair as Dante
  • Hayden Daviau as Amelia

In August 2021, FUNimation released the English dub of The Case Study of Vanitas. The anime was initially only listed as a simulcast on the Simuldub schedule. Part 2 of the Simuldub was released.

The English dub of The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 is expected to be made at some point.

Vanitas no Carte Season 2 release date predictions: A long wait?

There has been no official confirmation from Aniplex, Square Enix, Studio Bones, or any other entity involved in producing the anime about the release date of The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2. The sequel to Vanitas has also not been revealed.

As soon as the news is officially confirmed, this article will be updated.

To speculate on the Vanitas no Carte Season 2 release date in the future is impossible at this point.

Many critics have given The Case Study of Vanitas high marks, with Part 1 receiving somewhat better than average ratings for an excellent anime. The quality of the Beast of Gevaudan story arc helped Vanitas Part 2 score even better, and manga fans have been pleased with the adaptation thus far.

vanitas season 2
vanitas season 2

It doesn’t matter how much money the anime makes; the problem is that it’s already caught up with the source material. The second season of a single-episode manga will take at least several years to come to fruition.

Assuming the next story arc does not exceed the length of Beast of Gevaudan, that is. For Vanitas Season 2, the story arc probably adopted will require additional chapters to reach a satisfactory ending. As a result, anime devotees should be ready to put in some serious time and effort.

The Case Study of Vanitas manga compared to the anime

To adapt the manga series The Case Study of Vanitas into an anime tale, director Jun Mochizuki turned to (Mochijun). Her most well-known work is the manga series Pandora Hearts, which was subsequently translated into an anime television series with similar success.

In December 2015, Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker began serializing the Vanitas manga. Volume 9 of the manga has been released by June 2021, which included Chapters 51 and 52.

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Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the author has declared a 2020 break from The Case Study of Vanitas. The inventor was concerned about the safety of her helpers who had to travel to and from work by the car or public transit. During the six-month hiatus, no signs of viral infection were found among the designer or her assistants.
Yen Press in North America is publishing the official English translation. Yen Press publishes the English version of The Case Study of Vanitas manga online, and new chapters are released simultaneously with the Japanese release.

Compared to the Japanese release, the physical volumes are at least six months behind schedule. As of May 2021, the English-language version has reached Volume 8.
The show’s creators discussed character ideas and animation techniques at Aniplex Online Fest 2021. Even though Vanitas is a complex character, his facial expressions and interactions are critical to the story’s flow.

Studio Bones has faithfully reproduced the manga in its adaptation. Panel-by-panel adaption isn’t possible here, but it’s near enough. Transitions between episodes were introduced in the first three episodes by rearranging specific page events.

Vanitas Part 2 trailer

Episode 1’s speed was slowed down to allow for character development and world-building time. In Episodes 2 and 3, a little over two chapters each were being adapted for the first time.

As a rule, each episode of the first part of the adaptation had a slightly less than two-chapter pacing. The third story arc in the Catacombs was wrapped up in Episode 12, and the second half of the season began with the lengthy Beast of Gevaudan arc.

Chapter 21 through the first several paragraphs of Chapter 43 were adapted for use in The Case Study of Vanitas Episodes 13 through 19. There were certain elements lost, such as how malnomen, theatres made from ice and snow where the victims are subjected to an eternally repeating show until they lose their hearts, because of the speedier pacing of the story.

Although some sequences were reduced or even skipped, they were critical to understanding the character’s motivations. As a result of this adjustment, Chloe’s past, which explained why she felt so isolated when her family was killed, was the most significant.

The anime portrayed Chloe as if she were confined to the mountain fortress. The manga depicted the family’s love for her even though she resided apart from the main house.

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Chloe was personally visited by a bizarrely attired Marquis Machina at her castle by the manga’s Marquis Machina, who had only been hinted to in one still shot during the anime. Marquis Machina revealed how Jeanne’s parents had betrayed Ruthven and how he had lost his right eye to the sultanas in power. In addition, Marquis Machina offered to let Chloe live among the vampires, but she was reluctant to give up her family.

Marquis Machina, dressed as a Japanese puppet, made an appearance 30 years after Ruthven choked Chloe. How Ruthven finally ended the battle with humans and became a senator after he was adopted by the family of Grand Duke Oriflame was told by the narrator of the novel.

Marquis Machina offered Chloe a spot to live with the vampires for the second time. In the aftermath of the Babel catastrophe, a new dimension known as the Altus was created, where vampires may live in peace. Vampires and humans have learned to coexist in Atlus, but Chloe once again turned down the opportunity to join them.

The anime masked the fact that the Beast was a group of fanatical vampire hunters working for the Church. A vampire hunter apprehended by Chloe once prompted the Marquis Herman D’Apchier to look into it. Because of this, the Catholic Church executed the Marquis and his family. Only Chloe’s daughter survived, and she blamed Chloe for the murders of her whole family.

Marquis Machina explained to Chloe on their first meeting why Jeanne’s parents had been sentenced to death and how Jeanne had been compelled to atone for her parents’ misdeeds by becoming a bureau to save them. It was then revealed that Jeanne became a bureau because she was unable to remember why she had done so in the first place while she was narrating her past. As a result, Ruthven lost his right eye as a result of his parents’ plotting with humans to destroy the peace-seeking vampires.

vanitas season 2
vanitas season 2

As a result of her parents’ betrayal, Jeanne had strong feelings of remorse toward Lord Ruthven and Master Luca. She was thinking of her parents’ betrayal when Vanitas asked Jeanne if killing Chloe was really what she desired.

Instead of dumping a lot of information on readers at once, the manga teased out bits and pieces of background material on the hunter paladin Astolfo Granatum. The combat between Astolfo and Noe was moved back a little bit in the anime, and details from Chapters 35 and 41 were combined as well.

After Astolfo aided a wounded vampire who was being sought by chasseurs, a group of vampires tortured and slaughtered Astolfo’s family, Roland Fortis described in Chapter 41. Astolfo’s past was given a lot of attention in the anime, which was surprising given how much of the previously described stuff was shortened or skipped.
As a result, no one can say with certainty where the manga’s last episode, The Case Study of Vanitas Episode 24, will end up.

Sadly, the manga was only up to Chapter 55.5 on February 23, 2022, which means that the anime was virtually up to date as of Episode 19. A possible ending of Chapter 55.5 or Chapter 56 of The Case Study of Vanitas is possible for the anime.

It’s possible that this isn’t the end of the story because Lord Ruthven and Queen Fuastina’s relationship hasn’t been resolved. There is also Naenia, the vampire queen’s evil doppelgänger, who is still loose and doing havoc.

English-speaking manga fans can get ahead of the anime by downloading new chapters as soon as they’re available, which is a nice thing.

Vanitas 2 anime spoilers (plot summary/synopsis)

In the end, Chloe is able to put an end to the Beast of Gevaudan, but Vanitas’ problems persist as both he and Jeanne suffer from various… heart diseases! However, Domi has little time to dwell on this rather undesirable development as he gets swept up in the schemes of a phantom from his past…

“Brother, I adore you. Why would I ever forgive you?”

Noe is tricked into drinking Mikhail’s blood and forced to see his memories after falling into his trap. A brief account of Vanitas and Mikhail’s voyage before they encountered one another and mourned the Blue Moon Vampire…

Whatever happens, never glance at the blue moon’s other side.

Whatever happens, I’m going to get rid of that vampire.

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