Veer Pahariya and Shikhar Pahariya : Who Are These Two Brothers?

Veer Pahariya and Shikhar Pahariya: who are they and what do they do? After Karan Johar’s shocking disclosure on Koffee With Karan that Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor had dated, the internet erupted in a frenzy of sibling-brother searches.

They learned quickly that they are, in fact, Veer and Shikhar Pahariya. Sushil Kumar Shinde, the former Maharashtra chief minister, has two grandsons, Veer and Shikhar.


Veer Pahariya and Sara Ali Khan 

It is said that Veer Pahariya is Sara Ali Khan’s lover in the past, according to stories and rumors. In a previous interview with a media outlet, the Bollywood actress admitted to being romantically involved with him.

That’s what she stated “I’ve only ever dated him. In my entire life, I’ve never had a boyfriend.” Veer did not “break her heart” after they left ways, she made clear.

When Sara made their Bollywood debut in Kedarnath, the two were romantically involved. Photos of them were also posted online in 2016.

Veer, 28, is said to have relocated to Dubai in order to pursue a higher degree. He has a passion for music and plans to pursue it professionally.

In addition to his work as a composer for films and television shows, he has worked with a number of well-known production companies.

Shikhar Pahariya and Janhvi Kapoor

The relationship between Janhvi and Shikhar Pahariya has not been recognized or discussed by Janhvi. Before making her Bollywood debut, she, too, it is said, dated him. Shikhar, like his brother Veera, left India to pursue his higher studies abroad.

In London, he visited. It’s said that Shikhar is an accomplished horseback rider and a fan of polo. He was a member of the Indian team that competed at Berks Polo Club London in 2013.

Veer Pahariya and Shikhar Pahariya

Wadhawan Global Capital employed him as an investment advisor before he arrived back and joined Andromeda New Fintech Services as a financial analyst.

The brothers founded India Wyn, an online gaming company, together in 2018.

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