Washington Ho Net Worth 2022: How Rich is Binh Ho’s Son Actually?

Washington Ho’s parents, Binh and Hue Ho, are Vietnamese-American multimillionaires. As a member of the Ho family, he is positioned to eventually take control of the company. Washington Ho’s wealth is predicted to reach $250 million by 2022.

Washington owns VoltStreet Energy Advisors and serves as Moody Rambin’s vice president. After appearing on “House of Ho” on HBO, Washington’s famous family became a household name.

Full Name Washington Ho
Birth Date N/A
Age 38
Birth Place Vietnam
Profession Multi-millionaire
Wife Lesley
Net Worth $250 million (estimated)


Washington Ho Early life and Family

Vietnamese parents Binh Ho and Hue Ho gave birth to Washington Ho. In 1975, he joined his family who had fled Vietnam for the United States. It hasn’t been easy for them so far. They had previously settled in and labored in Houston. The city of Washington, DC was named after the first President of the United States, George Washington. He is quite close to his sisters, Judy and Reagan. They’ve all made it to the top and are living large.

Now, Binh is 71 years old, and Hue is 66. They are getting on in years, so Washington may soon take over the family business from them. Washington is depicted as kind of a wild man. He seems to spend most of his time throwing parties and generally having a good time.

But in November of 2019, Washington state decided to stop drinking. He explained that he chose out of consideration for his loved ones. He’s determined to disprove the stereotype that Washington Hos are all the same and prove to the world that he is the greatest of the bunch. Washington stated that he hopes to encourage his children to become independent and strong.

Washington Ho Net Worth and How He Makes Money?

For the time being, Washington has minimal commercial interests. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is the senior vice president of Moody Rambin, a real estate firm. He also runs Voltstreet Energy Advisors, a firm that provides advice on energy management and production. A founder shareholder and advisor at Southwestern National Bank, he also helped establish that institution.

Washington revealed in the latest teaser for the hit show House of Ho that his father Binh will be retiring from his role as an investor and banker shortly. Accordingly, Washington is widely expected to succeed Ho as head of the family firm.

Washington is prepared to take over the helm of the family enterprise. His family has come a long way to build what is now a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Washington’s parents are leaving him a bank and real estate firm worth millions.

Washington Ho’s Wife: Lesley Ho

As far as we know, Washington Ho has tied the knot. In 2015, he officially became a husband to Lesley. The couple recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary on October 24. On Instagram, Lesley commemorated her wedding anniversary with a sweet shot.

Washington and his wife Lesley are raising two children. The eldest of his two children, whom he called Roosevelt, is now 4 years old, and his younger son, whom he named Lincoln, is 3 years old. Like his own father, he has given his children the surname of a former President of the United States.

Washington Ho Net Worth

Washington Ho, a business mogul worth multiple millions, has been coy about his fortune. However, Ho’s family is estimated to have a total net worth of $3.1–$3.2 million. In the next years, Washington will undoubtedly increase that sum, making Ho’s commercial enterprise even more successful. We calculate that Washington Ho has a net worth of anywhere between $230 and $280 million. You can check TheActiveNews.Com for the latest information.

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