What Happens When You Unblock A Number On iPhone?: What Does Blocking a Number Do?

Everyone has experienced the relief of blocking an annoying telemarketer or an ex who keeps attempting to get in touch. If you’ve made up with the individual or accidentally blocked the wrong number, you can unblock them from your iPhone. However, when a blocked number attempts to contact you, what happens to their messages?

Messages sent to your iPhone while the number was blocked cannot be recovered after you have unblocked the number. You can resume normally receiving calls and texts from a blocked number once you have unblocked it.

Let’s go into the specifics of blocking and unblocking numbers on an iPhone, including how messages from blocked contacts are handled and whether or not they may be recovered.


What Does Blocking a Number Do?

Blocked phone number on incoming call

If you want to stop receiving calls or texts from a certain number, you can block it on your iPhone. Texts from a blocked number will not be saved on the iPhone, and the blocked contact will be unaware that they have been blocked.

If you’re receiving unwanted text messages from a spammer or telemarketing, you can simply block their number. Both known and unknown callers can be blacklisted.

Blocking an unwanted number can be a relief if you’re receiving unwanted or disrespectful messages from that person or business often.

You won’t have to worry about spam messages eating up storage space on your iPhone because they won’t be saved if they come from a number that you’ve previously blocked. If the banned contact doesn’t hear back from you after a while, they may discover that you’ve blocked their phone.

What Happens When You Unblock a Number on Your iPhone?

You may quickly unblock a contact if you have accidentally blocked them or if you would like to once again receive messages and calls from a blocked contact. When you unblock a contact, you can once again receive calls and texts from that number.

Messages received from blocked numbers are immediately deleted by your iPhone, so you won’t be able to read them later. Apple devices lack a feature that Android phones have that temporarily stores spam and other messages that have been marked as spam.

You can unblock a number at any moment, but that won’t give you access to any texts sent before you did.

If you want to accept future calls, FaceTime requests, and SMS and messages from a blocked number, you’ll need to unblock it on your iPhone.

How to Block/Unblock a Number on Your iPhone

You can quickly block a number on an iPhone if you’re getting spam texts or calls from it. Additionally, the number can be unblocked with minimal effort.

Learn how to silence unwanted calls with your iPhone by following these steps:

Locate the number you wish to block within the Messaging app. If you have received calls from an unknown number and would like to identify the caller, you can do so by selecting the number from your call log.
Choose the digit and then click the information button I
Click “Block this Caller” on the contact screen’s drop-down menu of options when you’ve had enough of the annoying caller.
For confirmation, click the “Block Contact” button.
This will prevent the contact from being available through your standard methods of communication. However, you will need to block the number once again on the app if you start receiving calls or texts from the number on another messaging platform, such as WhatsApp.

You can quickly unblock a contact if you accidentally blocked their number or if you change your mind about blocking them. To remove a block from a phone number on your iPhone, do as follows:

Launch your device’s settings menu and tap “Phone.”
Choose ‘Call Blocking and Identification’ from the menu.
To remove a blocked number from the list, swipe left on the number.
To remove this block, please use the button labeled “Unblock.”
In the future, calls and texts from that number will reach you. You’ll need to go into each messaging app, such as WhatsApp or Kik, to unblock the number. For more updates, you can visit TheActiveNews.Com.

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