What Phones Are 3G & How Will They Be Affected?: What is 3G?

Maintaining relevance in the face of the rapid evolution of network technology. Recent smartphones have support for 5G networks, however many older devices can only connect to 3G networks. And yet, what will happen to these phones if 3G service is discontinued?

A SIM card may no longer function in a phone manufactured before 2013 if the device is 3G capable. If your phone supports both 3G and 4G, you won’t have to replace it, but after the shutdown, you won’t be able to use it on either cellular network.

But which mobile devices will be impacted? And now that 3G service has been discontinued, do you think you’ll need to upgrade your phone? We should investigate this.


What is 3G?

The 4G/LTE and 5G networks are now used by the vast majority of mobile devices in the United States and around the world. However, more than 10 million phones in the United States are currently using a 3G network. This is because almost all cell phones and other electronic gadgets built before 2013 were designed for a 3G network.

However, this will soon come to an end because all the big telecom companies are shutting down their 3G networks. This marks the end of 3G, the wireless network that has connected people around the world for the past 20 years.

Why is it Shutting Down?

Concept for the closure of 3G wireless cellular networks

So why is it being blocked if 3G was so vital? The cellular spectrum holds the key.

Compared to the spectrum used by 4G/LTE and 5G networks, the 3G cellular spectrum is inefficient. Due to the exponential increase in interference, if more people used the 3G cellular frequency (CDMA), this is the case. The 4G/LTE and 5G spectrum (OFDMA) is more efficient and does not suffer from the same problem.

Telecom companies ran both cellular networks for a while even though they required completely separate tower equipment and had other expenses. Because of this, they were forced to make a decision, and they settled on permanently shutting down the 3G network.

3G Phones List

Here is a list of phones that will be affected by the phase-out of 3G if you aren’t sure if yours uses 3G or not.

An older iPhone model, such as the iPhone 5, 5C, or 5S.
iPad 2 by Apple
Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Kindles from the 3G era
Home Phone Connect for 3G Devices (GizmoPal, GizmoPal 2, and GizmoGadget)
iPad 2 by Apple
Not only would this affect older phones, but it may also require an update for more recent devices. Also, before the end of the year, all 3G services on Sprint, AT&T, and T-networks Mobile will be discontinued.

How Do You Know if You Have a 3G Phone?

Here’s how to tell if your phone uses the older 3G technology or the newer 4G technology in case you’re worried about it being affected by the shutdown of the 3G network.

Android Smartphone

First, this will impact the vast majority of the world’s feature phones because they use the same 3G network frequency. You may easily determine if your phone supports 4G by following these steps:

Launch the device’s configuration menu.
Browse to the section titled “Network Settings” and click on it.
Find out if your phone is 4G/LTE compatible or limited to 3G speeds here.


Hand entering Apple iPhone 5s passcode

To find out what carrier an iPhone is using, follow these steps:

The iPhone 5 and 5C do not support 4G networks.
A 4G symbol in the upper left corner of the screen indicates a 4G data connection.

IMEI Number

Another option is to use your phone’s unique IMEI number. What you need to accomplish is outlined below:

Your phone’s network frequency, whether it’s 4G or 3G, will be displayed in the LTE section of the report that loads next.

How Will Your Phone be Affected by the 3G Shutdown?

Phones that use the 3G network will be rendered useless during the outage and will not be able to place or receive calls. WiFi-enabled smartphones and other devices, however, will continue to access the web normally.

Most cell phone companies have already notified their customers who are still using 3G-enabled handsets of the impending shutdown of 3G networks.

Certain cellular service providers will give you a brand new 4G smartphone, up to $300 in value, free of charge, while others will give you a discount.

You may also want to get in touch with your service provider to find out if and how they will help you during this significant downtime. Go to TheActiveNews.Com for the latest information.

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