When Does Overwatch Season 3 Start: Is Overwatch Coming Now?

A new map, tweaks to the reward system, fresh skins, and a Battle Pass are all part of the season’s offerings. Changes to the ultimate charge mechanism, Sojourn Mercy pairing, tank nerfs in the open queue, and the ultimate is also on the horizon. Hero designers are aiming to fix the imbalance between how often heroes get their ultimate and how often they have to wait to use it again.


When Does Overwatch Season 3 Start

Blizzard has not yet announced when the new Overwatch 2 season will be available to players. Still, there are nine episodes in a season, and on February 7 the third one will premiere. Season 3 could be delayed like Warzone 2‘s second season was. If You Want to Know About This So Check out This Party Down season 3.

Overwatch Season 3 A New Map

Every other season, a new map—like the underwater locale “Atlantic Arcology”—will be released. Even in season 3, we’ll get a chart of the ocean floor this year. You Can See About This Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 2.

Overwatch A New Skin

There will be a new Mythic skin for the upcoming Overwatch 2 map that can be unlocked at the highest premium battle pass tier. These skins are exclusive since they may be tailored to a single hero each season.

When Does Overwatch Season 3 Start

In past seasons, Mythic skins were awarded to Genji and Junker Queen; in Season 3, it is unknown who will be honored in this way. If you Want to Read More So You Can See this Lockwood and Co Season 2 Release Date.

Hero Updates And Other Improvements (Sojourn Mercy, Rammattra, Reward System)

Overwatch’s development team has revealed that the Sojourn will now feature a Mercy partner. Since this Sojourn + Mercy combination is too strong, it will be nerfed. Furthermore, we’ll be making some changes to the ultimate charge system that will allow players to keep 30% of their ultimate charge even if they swap heroes in the middle of a game.

The rewards system will also be improved with more options for users to choose how and when they gain prizes. The health of tanks will be reduced outside of the role queue in an open queue and other arcade variants. Visit TheActivenews.com to read the latest news.