Who is Chris Rock Wife?How Did Chris Meet His Wife?

 Who is Chris Rock Wife? How Did Chris Meet His Wife? Malaak Compton-Rock and Chris Rock were married for 18 years before they divorced in 2016. Compton-Rock kept a modest profile as she and the comedian raised their two girls out of the spotlight during their marriage.

Compton-Rock joined Instagram after their divorce, and she uses the platform to talk about her philanthropic activities and her life with her girls and new boyfriend. Who exactly is the ex-wife of Chris Rock? Here’s all to know about, author Malaak Compton-Rock.An ex-publicist, she


Who is Chris Rock Wife?

Malaak Compton-Rock is the name of Chris Rock’s wife. She’s a social activist and philanthropist based in the United States. Malaak was born in the nation’s capital and grew up in the suburban New Jersey town of Plainfield. At Rutgers University, she studied sociology and graduated with a BA. She earned a Master of Science in Counseling from Teachers College at Columbia University. Also, check Justin Verlamder Net Worth: Weight, Age, Wife & Career

Who is Chris Rock Wife?How Did Chris Meet His Wife?

Chris Rock and Malaak have been married since 1996, and the couple has two daughters. Malaak created and now directs the nonprofit organization StyleWorks, which offers free services including vocational training and career counseling to disadvantaged women.

She also started a nonprofit called the Angel Rock Project, which helps fund and publicize charitable initiatives in South Africa. Malaak has campaigned for numerous causes, including better health care, education, and the rights of women. More than that, she’s been a UNICEF and Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund advocate.

The Two Separated In 2016, And The Divorce Was Finalized That Year.

Child support for their daughter Ntombi, whom they were reportedly in the process of adopting before their split, was a significant point of contention in Rock and Compton-lengthy Rock’s divorce proceedings. Compton-Rock wrote in her response to the divorce papers that the couple had a third daughter “who has resided with the parties since before her first birthday,” contradicting Rock’s claim that he only had two daughters.

“has been raised by the parties as a member of the family and has been exclusively supported by the parties,” she continued, referring to Ntombi.

Rock argued that Compton-Rock “had the potential to work and contribute to her own support, as well as the support and other financial needs of the children,” but the couple could not agree on how much child support Compton-Rock should pay.

Who is Chris Rock Wife?How Did Chris Meet His Wife?

Compton-Rock claimed in her answer that “throughout the marriage, Plaintiff [Rock] fully supported financially” her and her daughters. According to the claim, Compton-Rock was a stay-at-home mom “raising the parties’ children and otherwise devoting her time to charity and philanthropic initiatives” with her ex’s “support and encouragement.”

Compton-Rock asked the court for child support so that they could maintain the same high quality of life for their daughters as they had when they were married. After finalizing their divorce in August 2016, Compton-Rock moved forward with Ntombi’s adoption proceedings independently.

She is dating someone new

Compton-Rock is dating a man whose identity she hasn’t disclosed to the general public. She has posted a number of pictures of them together on Instagram, including a touching birthday message to him in January 2021. MALAAK COMPTON-ROCK INSTAGRAM

 Who is Chris Rock Wife?

“I wish my sweetheart a very happy birthday. One who is benevolent, generous, spiritual, sweet, loving, romantic, adventurous, “next to a rotating group of pictures of them, she penned. “He was a truly terrific man. Excellent companion. An excellent paternal figure. In addition to being a fantastic companion. I completed the trip in under 2.5 years. I eagerly await the next exciting experience! As a bonus, sweet sixty has never looked better. I 3 u!”

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