Why The Top Left Of iPhone Screen Is Blurry & How To Fix It: Why is The Top Left of Your iPhone Screen Blurry?

Several iPhone owners have complained that the screen’s upper left corner suddenly blurs, making it impossible to read the text. Since the clock takes up half of the notification space, they too can’t see the time.

Due to a software glitch, the top left corner of your iPhone screen may be unclear. If your iPhone is experiencing this problem, then restarting it should fix it. Changing the display settings (going from a light to a dark theme) could also be useful. If the issue persists, though, you should get in touch with Apple’s technical help.

From the beginning of the smartphone era, Apple has been at the forefront of innovation. Many customers have found the fuzzy screen issue to be quite annoying. Let’s analyze why your iPhone display is so hazy and how to fix it.


Why is the Top Left of Your iPhone Screen Blurry?

The iPhone’s superior construction and intuitive interface have earned it widespread acclaim. However, a few people have noticed that the leftmost part of their screen becomes fuzzy, much like the backdrop of photographs taken with a DSLR.

The issue has not been resolved by users resetting their devices to factory settings. Many people believe that this issue is not hardware-related, but rather software-related.

How to Fix Blurry Screen on The iPhone


Multiple ways can help you take care of your blurry screen problem:

Restart Your Device

If you restart your iPhone, all of the background processes will be reset. If a software crash or an app bug is to blame for your iPhone’s hazy screen, this may be the solution.

A non-Face ID iPhone can be restarted in the following way:

Maintain pressure on the Power button. An option to “Slide to Power Off” will show up.
Simply shut off your smartphone by dragging the icon to the right.
Restarting an iPhone using Face ID:

To increase or decrease the volume, press and hold the Side button in addition to the appropriate volume button.
Eventually, a menu will pop up, and you can simply slide it to turn off the screen.
To power down, swipe the battery icon to the right.
Wait a few minutes after powering down your iPhone.

When using an iPhone without a Face ID, hold down the power button. With a Face ID iPhone, you need to keep holding the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

Other Reasons Why Your iPhone Screen May Get Blurry

There are a few other conditions where your screen may get blurry:

When You Open a Specific App

The issue may not be with your iPhone at all, but rather with the app causing the blurry screen.

Always keep an eye out for new versions, as App developers often issue updates to solve any issues with their software. If updating doesn’t fix the blurriness, uninstalling and reinstalling the software is the next best thing.

When You Stream Videos

IPhone users may also have trouble seeing streaming videos well. This isn’t a problem with your gadget, though; it happens whenever you play a video of poor quality.

Weak internet connections are a typical cause of subpar video quality. If you’re using cellular data, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network instead.

YouTube videos also allow you to change the quality by hitting the gear icon. Select Quality from the menu that appears to adjust the video’s quality. The movie will be less fuzzy if the resolution is increased.

Fixing Blurry Screen on iPhone by Changing Display Settings

Iphone close up

Some have speculated that adjusting the day/night settings on your iPhone could resolve the blurry screen issue, eliminating the need to restart the device. To adjust the visuals:

Use the “Settings” menu.
Adjust the screen’s brightness and resolution.
To fix the fuzzy corner on your device, go between Light and Dark Mode.

Is Your iPhone Screen Still Blurry?

If you’ve exhausted these options and are still experiencing issues with a foggy screen, it may be time to call in the experts. Contact Apple if your iPhone is still covered by its warranty.

There could be a hardware issue with your device that needs fixing. Apple provides customer service in several different ways, including on the Internet, in-store, and via snail mail. However, before visiting the Apple Store in person, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment. You can check TheActiveNews.Com for the latest information.

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